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Sacred 2 Downloads - Max Combat Art Range - DragonMage.wmv

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File Name: max-CA-range-DragonMage.wmv
File Submitter: chattius
File Submitted: 08 Jul 2013
File Category: Community Patch Mixed Items

Using old and new items (=CM-patch sigils) to maximize CA-range for a mentalist build. Also demonstrates how a 100% chance to halve reg-times does in connection with combat discipline mastery: Regeneration starts at around 30% left.

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Love this

Love how, actually this game can be kept alive forever, as every new upload for the game is a new "point of view" on Sacred...


We can keep this story alive forevah!





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But to make the set working the sigls can be in any of the 4 slots. It doesnT have to be the active slot. In my acrive slot I put the most powerful sigils of any type: covering poison, fire and magic. The ca-range shield has cold already. Late game when you have to kill more and more to climb a level I had spell-reflection in all of my three. The lowest sigil set I was using had level 31.


An ice mage with full ca-range icestorms is fun too, same for a celestial seraphim.

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