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Now Witness the power of this fully-armed and operational Wiki!

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Now, witness the power of this fully armed and operational Wiki!



After some despairing days of..despair, google's turned the sun on the glorious Wiki, and the work has come out from behind the clouds to claim it's rightful place upon the throne of first place for SacredWiki searches!!





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Awesome work Schot and gogo, and all the other contributors for getting the wiki back up and running! Now that I've got all this great data available to me, I may have to jump back in to Sacred 2 and try out some builds! Thanks again for the hard work guys :D

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:viking: :viking: :viking: :viking: :viking: :viking: ...

Seriously guys, that's quite an accomplishment. :thumbs:

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The sidebar needs some of your loving attention. There used to be lots more links under fallen angel and under sacred --- examples include places and quests.

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On topic: Huzzah! SacredWiki reclaims the throne.
I also noticed the sidebar is smaller than it used to be, but I'm used to using the links on the main page anyways.



Off topic:

I plugged up the vent.....just in case :P

I hope it wasn't boarded up with plywood... We have to think about the resale value!


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Ironically... the guy who played the original part of the disbelieving officer - and consequently got choked by Vader - died recently... The character of General or Admiral (depending on which page of IMDB you're looking at) Motti was played by Richard LeParmentier and he passed away on April 15th of this year.

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And...finally...after a few weeks of trepidation, when I punch in Sacred 2 in google I'm getting SacredWiki on first page! Google is notoriously personal when it comes to search findings. Can anyone else who reads this here try to google Sacred 2 and see if search has brought it to page one for you as well?






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"Sacred 2” Google search does not return the wiki on the first page for me. :( It does give me a "Sacred 2 wiki" option as a related search though.

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I guess my google search has become too personalized over the last few weeks for SacredWiki and Sacred 2. I'll try Explorer and silly Bing, and Chrome too





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Its the second choice of topics when I google it on chrome. When I hit the Sacred 2 link I don't see it but I do see a wikipedia link.

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Google doesn't - it does show a search option for Sacred 2 Wiki...


Bing does - barely - last item on the list is the Sacredwiki..

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