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Wiki List - Notable Places Not Named in Game

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Alrighty guys. Here's the plan. What I've noticed here on the forum is that maintaining notes and lists by posts is not condusive to searching. If we keep going the way it has in a month from now we're going to have posts all over multiple topics about places, npc and quests and there's no way I'm going to be able to track them all down. Let alone even be aware of them. I can't be everywhere. :ninja2:


So! As per the recent discussions regarding the need to name new places. We're going to build a list first. All in one convenient location!


Notable Places Not Named in Game

Only Places listed in that page will be considered. Before we begin to consider creating new place pages I'd like to get an idea of what we're up against. This list will help to determine the best path to take. Happy naming!

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I just added Assim in the Bengaresh Desert section. I hope I did it right.

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I won't be able to add the pictures though, perhaps Knuckles or wolfie could?

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I just added Assim in the Bengaresh Desert section. I hope I did it right.

Sounds nice,


link to page please?





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It's in the op. Schot requested that all requests for new pages end up there.

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Thanx for the entry Ysne! That picture part is kind of important because I'll be visiting all the proposed places. I'll need a way to quickly and easily understand the location being proposed so I can dash into the game quickly and visit. I think I have a very convenient solution for you that I just tested. What windows version are you using?

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This is probably by far the easiest way to take a screenshot and have the greatest control over it's file name, location saved to AND crop size. It's the snipping tool that I discovered when windows vista came out and it's such a handy tool. Just go to your start window and type "snipping tool" and the click the icon that appears. Starting the snipping tool automatically starts the tool and puts your screen in "snipping" mode. You can hold down the left mouse button and drag a box across your screen to capture/crop whatever is on screen to save as a jpg. From my experience it's the most effecient and easy screen capture method I've used and it comes with windows these days which is amazing. So what you could do is start the snipping tool, then press the "Esc" key to cancel "snipping" mode, then start Sacred 2. While in game and when you reach an area you want to take a picture of just ALT TAB to the snipping tool and press "New" which will start "snipping" mode. Crop whatever it is you want to capture and voila! Easy picture taking.


If you run into trouble trying to ALT TAB then try playing Sacred 2 in windowed mode. Let me know how it goes! :)

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It does look like that might work for capturing the screen shots. Next up, I need a step by step description on how to upload these to the wiki. I cannot figure that out.

I haven't had time to grab those screen shots yet what with real life and all. I will manage sometime this next week.

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The above screen shot is for Assim.

The next screen shot is for the location for Buccaneer Cove.


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Here's how Ysne!


Go to SacredWiki

Click "Upload File" in the bottom of the menu of links along the left side of sacredwiki

Follow the instructions on that page


Done! :)


The instructions at the top of the upload page explain how to use the image you upload.

The browse button opens a window to choose your image from your desktop

The Upload File button starts the process of uploading and will show you the image when it is done.


Also... I've updated the Notable Places page to include sample images and framing to minimize the amount of copying pasting by anyone who wants to add to the page. You just have to paste the file name of the image you uploaded over top of where it says "Quest Name map.jpg". Hope that helps!

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Ok, I've gotten two uploaded for the two places I've nominated so far. It did take several tries.

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If you upload pics but ave probs getting them to layout correctly on page...just let me know the Place page and what folder/where I can find uploaded pics and I'll help you out

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Added Scorpion Island based on just having completed a quest called Adventure Tours which starts at the port just outside Turbak.

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Nice one. I like that the quest specifically names this place.

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Added suggestions for "Old Bedouin's Camp" and "Chief Hawey's Camp" I sill need to get a map location up for the second one and there are two quests that start there that I also need to get listed.

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Even if we don't add places pages, the quests should be easier to find with the way I've got it organized now. I still have a lot of the map to go through so I may find more quests that take part in these locations.

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Actually I think that is the same as the Desert Jazz Bar though I have no probs with a name change for it....the one we chose at the time is rather drab :)

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That was the one place I didn't look at when I was trying to see if it had a places page already.

edit: I added a note about there already being a page for that tavern/bar since you think a name change might be ok Knuckles.

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Why not put "Cantina" somewhere in the name? It's an homage to the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars after all. :D

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That place was a surprise when I "fell into it".

Edited by Hooyaah
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