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PoE PvP-Guide (low level, max 28)


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I enjoy the level 28 PVP a lot and recently noticed increased numbers of new players joining the arena.
Have been called "hacker" or "cash shop items user" (very true) but also received many questions hence the very basic guide here.

PVP - Low Level Duelling - level 28
To make a competitive character follow the simple steps:

1. Complete all quests and receive all rewards in normal difficulty.
2. Do not use
in Act3, in the last quest - if you do - you will not be able to join low level PVP any more.

3. After completing all quests, reach level 28. If you accidentally reach level 29 you will not be able to join low level PVP any more. If you having difficulties completing the quests in Act3 being level 26/27 just ask for help or join a group.
4. Plan your passive skill tree - 34 skill points total.
5. Find your weapons and armours with 28 level requirement. The best area to find such items is The Rocky Climb and The Prison in the Cruel difficulty - areas are level 36 so you will need a higher level character to do so. Alternatively you can find your gear on trade chat / trade forum - most good gear of this level will cost about 1 Alchemy Orb = 1 Fusing = 1 Scouring.

5a. Don't forget about unique items - they can be useful as well.

6. Plan which skill-gems you will use and level them all up as high as possible (not exceeding level requirement of 28)

7. Say "hello" when you join a match.
8. Cash shop particle effects DO NOT give advantage in fight but they are a nice thing to have as they scare an opponent easy - makes them believe you are a veteran.

Have fun!


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I've never really looked at PvP, I assume you need to use a SC toon for it? Or is there some kind of mechanic that lets you die in PvP but continue on in HC PvE?


you can play hc pvp and continue pve

lowlvl pvp-system -> stop pve at level 28 and DON'T use the key in act 3 norm!

level 29-100 and/or char in cruel= highlvl pvp

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