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Sets or Shopping for a single player Seraphim?


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Playing offline I have modified the Balance.txt in the way that merchants offer better items (so Bargainer is not necessary), also I can wear my favorite sets (which I have downloaded from this site). Having in mind that, how convenient would be to use sets regarding yellow items from shops?


In high level tests I noticed that the full Niokaste set at his higher level seems worse than yellow items of lower levels. I read here that Items from shop are in fact better than sets or unique ones, so first question is: that is really true?


The second is if the bonuses from the Niokaste set** may worth those huge differences (tested with no socketed items):


Niokaste level 225 Shop yellow items level 200 ~ 214

Damage: 7.330 - 8.640 7.425 - 8.750 (slightly better)

Attack: 5.575 6.527 (better)

Defense: 1.479 4.923 (much better!)


Level 212 (guardian)

Player chance to hit: 60% 64% (¿?) *

Enemy chance to hit: 70% 42% (¿?) *


* I've never understood which one of those values is ‘my’ or ‘his’ chance to hit, please someone explain it to me...

** The full set bonuses at level 225 are:

-Chance open wounds +34%

-Chance to serious wounds +20%

-Exalted Warrior focus +30

-Aspect Exalted Warrior +26

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Regarding Chance to Hit, read it like this:


Player's chance to hit the enemy: 60%

Enemy's chance to hit the player: 70%


The main reason I use sets and uniques over yellows is because of sockets. If you can find lots of nice gold and silver sockets on yellows, or you find yellows that are so powerful they eclipse even a socketed Niokaste's set, then more power to you. I tend not to see them very much though, and wise use of sockets +set bonuses usually means I don't use yellows that much.

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And therein lies the dilemma! Those comparisons are without socketing any gear, but both gears have silver and gold slots! All items from Niokaste set have 2 slots per piece and I found almost all Yellows with 2 slots (some with 2 golds), and very few with only one socket. At final balance Niokaste has 18 sockets* against 14 socket from the Yellow gear...


I know that those 4 slots means 4 rings of +10 all. And I must remind that that kind of yellow gear is only possible by altering Balance.txt to get ‘Bargainer’ for free, so that ‘advantage’ in normal game conditions comes with the disadvantage to waste a skill... Except if you have a “shopping character” that buy for your “real character”.**


*The Niokaste description in Sacred Wiki may be wrong, it has less slots than I, maybe is because mine is at level 225... I don’t know.


**I always hated that magic-find, negotiation, or similar skills that makes you play in a way that you don’t wanted, jha!

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Some sets unlock more modifiers or slots at higher levels, bronze set item may have one socket while it are two at gold...


Sets are useful for set bonuses like x% lifeleech, +x% ca-range, .... Stuff you won't find on yellows



Ah, so yellows never will have one of these useful stats, now I understand. Thanks!


To be honest, I never use the full Niokaste set for my melee Seraphim. I'm always using the "Holy Protection" chest armour of the "Twilight of the Gods" set.

The main reason for that is that this set-piece gives you a huge boost in all resistances and 3 sockets (bronze, silver, gold) compared to Niokaste's 2.

Since as a Seraphim you can get the full set-bonus without having the full set, it's a perfect trade off.



Thorin :)




Yes, I have been doing exactly the same, only that I replaced all 3 pieces (losing only 1 Niokaste bonus), because of its visibility bonus, but I learned how to edit the Balance.txt to increase the visibility range so I doesn’t need this combination anymore, only the chest for its sockets and armor, you know the Niokaste set reached it maximum bonus with 8 pieces.

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