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Hi all - Starting Out

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Hi everyone :)


This is my first time on this site as well as with Sacred 2 Plus (PC), so I thought I'd drop a line here... I have a newbie question and hope you might be able to help.

Today I started playing Sacred 2 Plus (PC) for the first time, and noticed some changes as far as saved games are concerned. In Sacred Gold there is an option to save the same game numerous times whereas Sacred2Gold seemingly allows for only one save game at a time (F7). I was wondering if there is an option to save/load several instances of the same game (with the same character) on Sacred2Plus and if so how can this be done? This can be useful before taking on difficult tasks etc so progression can be made and changes undone. I tried searching online but couldn't find any info about this. Will appreciate your help!

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Welcome aboard!


Unfortunately, Sacred 2 does not keep multiple save games for a character. When I first played, I used a utility called Sacred Tool that automatically backed up every time you saved, and allowed you to restore them. Last year when I rebuilt my PC I was not able to find Sacred Tool. :(

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Welcome Lucidarium

AFAIK the link we have on one topic in the forums to that "tool" links to an external site,

and the link to DL it from there has a virus or some such

You could always backup manualy your savegames and archive them

from your savegame folder to some other folder of your choice

best regards

Reset your char to level 1. There are too many high-level chars online...

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