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Unable to join most LAN servers

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For a long time I have been unable to figure this out and thought I would bring this up here , since I couldn't find a solution anywhere else really.


Pretty much what happens is me, my dad, my buddies and my cousin cannot join half the sacred 1 lan servers, no matter what it is like a 50/50 chance depending on the server, but most of the time it is 100% cannot join and get the error if we try, if I host or they host or join somebody else's server empty or with people. The same message always shows up if we are unable to join, here is a picture of what I am talking about.






It gets really annoying when you need to mule stuff and need the help of another computer, because say 1 person is able to get in a server, the other(s) cannot. Which is what I was trying to do tonight again since we started sorta playing again and needed to mule some items for my dads dwarf lol.


Any ideas?

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I never had this problem Jeff
I used to play alot, almost each day, on LAN with a friend
(but that was years back before s.2)
and I don't remember either of us ever having a connection problem
I'm sorry I can't help there.
What happens if you retry to connect?





Planet 'Bob'?! Can't we just call it 'Earth'?

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wow sorry about such a long delay on a reply lol, but I been through a lot these last couple months, ended up moving, no internet for quite awhile, and well after all that was done, lost track of things and forgot about this and took a break from the game.


um yea a LONG time ago never had this issue, but for quite awhile as in last few years, always had this issue, not the only one either it seems, and if you google it...it's everywhere and I could never find a fix for it.


P.S. I noticed my picture don't work anymore, must have been when I cleaned out my pictures on the site lol, eh no biggy it can be reuploaded in the future if I feel like it again and return lol.

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