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Sacred and Underworld original CD's - Need help updating

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I have the original (non gold) cd's for both sacred and sacred: underworld. with the servers oviously down, I need some help updating the sacred game in order to install underworld then updating underworld as well. as far as I can tell it is most likely necessary to update classic before installing the expac. if someone knows where to find this info or knows it and can help me out, I'd really appreciate it.


thank you!


edit: actually the white box for Sacred has a red sticker saying "sacred now includes... new weapons, regions, quests and boss". is that the gold version? or just a later release? it doesn't say gold anywhere on the box and it did not include underworld. I bought underworld separate.


thanks again!

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Well, first, just install Sacred. Then check the version. Is it 1.8.26? If not, install Sacred Plus patch. If so, then all you need to do is install Sacred Underworld. Install patch 2.28. You should be set.

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thanks flix thats a big help.


wolfie, thank you. I was still looking at the old sacred 2 homepage from ascron. do you know anything about sacred 2 and using the uk I&B with the usa S2FA:)

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