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Aspect Lore Skills - The Hidden Effects

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Flix, can't believe you did this! I'd always wished there was a true reference list of these super powers from the game... most peeps don't even know how neat these effects can be, and how they can add to builds.

Wiki was really missing this, but you've been keeping at it now, and now, combined all the work together you've put into wiki into a nifty guide.

I really hope you'll consider adding a link to this guide in the Notes section on the Wiki Aspect Lore Skills page. I'd been thinking that links like that in notes at the bottom to info source from DarkMatters can extend a reader's search into up to date data, and what you've written would be an excellent example of this.

Good work!!





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Done! I like it when the forums and the Wiki have good interlinking...probably could have been doing a bit more of it along the way if I'd thought of it.


Honestly my favorite part of this was making the banner. :lol:

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LOVE the banner

I actually spent some time going through it with some nostalgia remember how hidden the lore skill benefits were

They're important, and can make a good difference in setting up a character build, offering ideas for tradeouts versus other options





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