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Unlocking NPC and Unused Items for the Player

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Amazing finds, Flix! It's astonishing how many itneresting-looking shields were quietly lying inside game archives, hidden from everybody. And what a waste to hide them like that, because many look more impressive than what was actually implemented in game.


As for ideas, I want to nominate Itemtype 11624 ("Spike Shield 2") for a name "Firebird's Wing" or "Firebird's Feather", because that's what its look reminds me of. For such idea Fire-related bonuses would be appropriate (both to defence: mitigation and/or DoT reduction and/or Opponent's chance to Burn reduction, and damage: Fire damage or all damage, + chance to Burn). Making it sort of anti-dragon shield, or shield for fire mages. Maybe making fire mitigation/ fire resistance scaleable with Shield Lore the way Fire Mitigation of Icingdeath scales with Dual Wield (can reach high value but is very skill-dependant).


And, as there was a cry for Sacred 1 items, why not to implement Dralkcib's Protection right as it was? Just swap "+Defence against Ranged" for Sacred 2 equivalent "Chance to Block: Ranged"(or maybe even Reflect) and swap "Parrying" for either "Shield Lore" or "+ Defensive Skills" and it's ready to go. Of course, you may prefer another idea, but that shield was good enough and makes a fine reference to Underworld.

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Ah, that's a Sacred 1 shield! That explains how rough it looks. It's literally a "Daemon Shield" haha. People who want more S1 items imported be warned: this is probably the best it will look like, and that was done by pros (I'm assuming)!


Spikeshields 2 and 3 also have unfortunately low quality textures, and they still look pretty eye-popping. I'm sure they would be stunning with hq textures, but judging by the scripts they were implemented with Ice and Blood so there were no hq textures for them. The present ones are small even by mq standards. But they're definitely going in the mod regardless, they're too nice not to include.


I've seen a few wing-like shields in the game but that one takes the cake. It makes you want to put one on each arm. And then maybe climb up on the Griffinborough castle walls, jump off and just start flapping.

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Are there any wings like the ones below? I had a quick look and couldn't see anything, but you may spot something I've missed.





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I know that's Sacred 2 art and an Sacred 2 video still, but to me it looks distinctly like the style of wings from S1. I haven't checked armor folders, and didn't intend to, because it all seems fully utilized. However, I can double check.

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Maybe there is a chance to refine a low-quality textures. Resourse textures for leather, metal and enamel can be found on the Internet without much trouble. Carefully layering them with the original textures would take time though. But these shields are interesting even in their current state. I did not noticed poor texture quality of spiked shields on these pictuers, and I don't think that in game somebody would move the camera closer than you did for this showcase.

I've seen a few wing-like shields in the game but that one takes the cake. It makes you want to put one on each arm. And then maybe climb up on the Griffinborough castle walls, jump off and just start flapping.

:4rofl: That just made my day, really.

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I have all 3 of these scythes, but they rarely drop. For me, the one in the first picture only seems to drop around Bluestone Lake, the second one seems to only drop on Christmas Island, the third seems to drop only in the Blood Forest.

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And here we have some more interesting items that can be modded into the game.


The wooden 1-handed hammer looks a bit familiar, but I certainly haven't seen its like since the first versions of Fallen Angel. It can be that they should be shopped by characters with high bargaining, or some change in droplists removed them from drops or restricted to a specific area. The second 1-handed hammer (silver one) certainly drops and is even pictured on a wiki pic for High Elf's aspectless mount (yes, that's not the most logical place to look for a weapon image, but it's still there), it just seems that for some reason Knuckles missed it when he was doing his weapon pages.


Never saw the two-handers before, though I admit that I haven't spent much time playing SW or shopping his items, so maybe I just missed them.


These scythes definitely look memorable, and condidering that there are no unique or legendary items of that type yet, maybe they can be made into some, even though they are confirmed to drop as rares.


And that Inquisitor's armor does not look half-bad. If that's a rejected version, I wonder what the final would be - must be very good. As I understand, you are going for something darker with this set to match the skull-helmet, and that's a good idea. But I have to admit that seeing a light and golden Inquisitor is refreshing (finally something that is not dark of toxic green). After all, evil characters, especially evil priests, are sometimes portrayed wearing white or light-colored clothes.

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Ok good, I was pretty sure everything pictured there actually dropped, just wasn't certain as I don't shop much. Some of those blueprints were in a droplist called something like "droplist_rare_UNFINISHED" which made me think that was preventing drops, but then many other blueprints that are confirmed to drop were also in that list, so I don't think it's meaningful. I happen to like that Energy Weapon and Blowpipe a lot too. Those and the Scythes are good candidates to make some new uniques.


That Inquisitor armor...well pious gold and white was my original intent. I think it actually enhances the effect of evil, when the evil-doer is garbed in the pure and glorious vestements of a holy man. The Inquisition (both real and in-game) embody the idea of "horror in the guise of piety." The Grand Inquisitor says something like, "There are no other gods than Ker, and even if there are, they are insignificant before her."


The idea came from the version of Satan's origin that portrays him as Lucifer, "Light-bringer", the most glorious and beautiful of all angels, who fell and became lord of evil. I quickly realized there were plenty of examples of similar deities who fell, screwed up, failed, and basically just became disgraced. I wanted a "perfect" looking set for the Inquisitor, one that would say to citizens "the Inquisition is salvation, it is holy, it is supreme." And each set piece would be named to "dishonor" one of the many disgraced gods that failed, crushed under Ker's pitiless foot.


When Pesmontis got me working on the skull (he also did 99% of the work to get it in implemented), it threw things off. At first I thought I'd use it for another Inquisitor set I had going called "Creeping Death" based on the biblical plagues of Egypt. It was, well, dark and toxic and green. The skull helmet seemed to match that set better, so I thought I'd use that set design, but use the Disgraced Gods set names (and just abandon Creeping Death). Because the skull helmet is so graphic (the helmet was to be named "Kingu's Bleeding Wound" and there is literally a bloody mess on the back of the head), I thought it might be most striking to try to visually represent (where possible) the various physical features of the gods the set pieces are named after. E.g., the boots "Hephaestus's Limp" could have one boot malformed, etc.


So I don't know really. I haven't given in much thought lately, but the set will be coming up on my to-do list fairly soon.

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Interesting to get some insight into the thought process there flix.


As to those items, other than the scythes, they seem familiar, but that doesn't mean much, been a while since I played the game.

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You put so much logic behind that armor. In our part of the world we have a simpler "rocking evil in white" and it looks like this. Sorry for the politics, but in a way you could build an Easter egg by switching from gold to Ker red.


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I think I found an Unlock Item that isn't documented on the Wiki, and wasn't made to drop freely with the CM Patch. It's called "unlock_shield_tower_gruni" in blueprint.txt, and it's only present in one droplist (shields) in drop.txt, so it won't drop freely. It's called "Grunwalds_Schutz" there. So, I think what I'll do is try to add it to all the proper droplists so it will drop like other shields and unlock items currently do.


By the way, it looks like it uses the same model and textures as this normal shield:



Also, if you go back and look at the very first post in this thread with the shields, what I've done is add that first Round Shield and the 2 "Elf Shields" to the blueprints for normal, magic, and rare shields. So they should drop and be sold as random items now. I wasn't inspired enough to make uniques from them.

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It's a bit of a late reply, but I think these are all incredible finds.

I wonder why unused items were never researched before.. the idea to do so doesn't seem farfetched.

Flix, (how) are you going to implement them all into the mod?


Plus I guess with all these finds, the 'New Weapons and Shields' section in the Brainstorming thread has become redundant..

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It's a good thing that you've fixed this shield. I'm currently working on renewing the wiki pages for unlock items (started in the middle of the last week, but real life and server instability got in the way of wiki work, so the first results would be visible only tomorrow) and I'm going to add the missing ones. The wiki lists only 35 of them, while the Unlock items thread on DarkMatters clearly talks about 37. Besides the shield, there is one more item that is missed from the wiki list. It's a two-handed sword, blueprint 2462 "unlock_sword_2h_krollslaw". Not sure if it can drop normally with CM, or has the same trouble as the shield.


Adding simpler looking unused items to regular droplists is another good idea. You've found many items that aren't showing in game, and making uniques out of all of them might be troublesome, besides some aren't really inspiring. But letting them go to waste when the game can always use more diversity is quite sad, so adding these things to random items pool for better variety of drops is a nice solution.

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Pesmontis it's not late at all, it's right on time, as I just finished up searching through all the files. Now, I get to decide what should be implemented and how.


If you recall, this was my original intent for the next step of the mod, to add various single unique and legendary items. I was going to draw upon the more exotic models already present in-game, but finding these unused models is even better. I have a big folder full of planned weapons and shields, so over the next couple weeks they should start pouring in as I create them.


In a couple instances, I may just implement some of these unused or NPC item models as normal/magic/rare items instead of uniques. In some other instances, I may just ignore them other than noting them in this thread.


And unused items definitely were researched...the CM Patch team implemented Fist Weapons, Recurve Bows, Throwing Potions and Scythes, and looked into adding the Lashes. I guess these individual items slipped past their notice.

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