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Grim Dawn: Act II Released!

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Not sure how I wasnt aware of this game. Looking at it now.

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Not sure how I wasnt aware of this game. Looking at it now.

Good seeing you back Kriv!




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Hey Kriv...As far as I'm concerned, everyone should get this game if you enjoyed playing Sacred, Diablo 1 and 2, or Titan Quest.


Only possible reason you might want to hold off is it is still pre-release. Some people have performance issues since the game won't be fully optimized til release which is expected at the end of this year. That said I have not had any issues playing at all.


The game mechanics are fairly deep and just keep getting deeper. If re-playability is a concern just let this little tidbit sink in. I am up to about 1800 hours played and still have not tried out all the builds I'm interested in ( I haven't even made an build using mostly Occultist skills yet) , and a new class is being introduced with next update.

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I think when it's finished it will be a very worthy game. As it is, it's still very incomplete and lacking polish. I've only one crash and no noticeable bugs, it's just obvious that lots of things aren't done yet or up to release quality.

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Build 27: Shaman Mastery and Balance Update



We are proud to announce that Build 27, the release of our 6th and final Mastery, is now live!

With this major update, you may now create class combinations using the wild Shaman class, master of storms, beasts and savage two-handed weapon combat. This build also includes an extensive look at game balance, changes to itemization and the addition of two new areas to explore.

But that's not all Build 27 has to offer, take a look below for the full (massive) list of changes.

There are still many exciting things left on the horizon for Grim Dawn as we push towards Content-Complete this year! Future updates will include the Act 4 Finale, a second Rogue-like Dungeon, Legendary items and the Devotion system!

v0.3.5.5 (b27)

[Major New Features]

  • The 6th and final mastery is now available: Shaman. The Shaman mastery opens up new opportunities for players seeking the power of lightning, additional summoned minions and powerful two-handed melee techniques.
  • The vile swamps of East Marsh are now accessible. Travel to the east of Burrwitch and take on two new mini-bosses.
  • A new chest has been introduced: Treasure Trove. Rumors speak of vast quantities of Iron Bits that Treasure Troves contain, but the only way to open them is with the use of Dynamite. Treasure Troves are scattered around the far reaches of the world.
  • Nemesis bosses now have a chance to drop Warrants, which boost Infamy gained with the respective faction by 50% across all difficulties. Warrants can be freely traded between players.
  • The Damage per Second display on the Character sheet has been overhauled. It now displays the DPS of your Left Mouse Button attack, with a detailed damage break-down in the tooltip. This calculation assumes a single target and takes into account all of your bonuses, including the skill's cooldown.
  • Two new Damage per Hit calculations have been added to the Char II tab of the Character Sheet which provide a Damage calculation of the skills you currently have set on the Left and Right Mouse Buttons, with a detailed breakdown in the tooltip. These calculations assume a single target and take into account all of your bonuses.
  • Skill tooltips now take into account all of your bonuses and update dynamically as you swap out equipment.


  • Updated Underground Cellar art set
  • Art adjustment pass on swamp environments


  • Fixed a crash when crafting items quickly
  • Fixed a crash which could sometimes occur when loading the world
  • Fixed a bug where skills bound to mouse wheel events would activate repeatedly
  • Fixed a bug with pet skills not getting properly boosted from +skill bonuses on items
  • Fixed certain item attribute tags being singular when plural should be used
  • Fixed some spells not properly benefiting from critical damage bonus on equipment
  • Large item tooltips can now be scrolled using the mouse wheel.
  • Fixed conversion attributes merging into a percentage point of value 1.


  • Fixed an issue where dual wielded pistols were clipping incorrectly through female players character's offhand


  • The Grobles that have seized Tyrant's Hold have discovered an entrance to the inner chambers. Bloodfeast has moved his camp deep inside the Fort.
  • Increased the spawn rate of Nemesis bosses
  • Faction reputation has been changed so that your reputation is not reset across difficulties. Faction Writs are now available at Honored for a high price as a shortcut to reaching Revered. Quartermaster rewards will no longer update on higher difficulties. Higher level faction equipment will be available in the future in the form of blueprints. For the Kymon's Chosen vs Order of Death's Vigil decision, you will have the option of switching your loyalties on higher difficulties (resetting your reputation with those groups).
  • Bounty Tables now offer the same bounties to all players in a Multiplayer session
  • Possessed Archmage's Arcane Shield has had its % Reflect reduced, but it now scales with level up to its original value and the skill deals Aether retaliation in addition to the reflected damage
  • Bolvar the Bloodbinder now has a more pronounced animation when casting his Chaos Barrage, but the skill launches more projectiles
  • Nathaniel and his goons for the Burn the Taken quest have had their damage reduced
  • Order of Death's Vigil Dreadlords now summon Revenants less often and use their Vitality tendril attacks with significantly reduced frequency
  • Increased the threat of various Kymon's Chosen spawns so that they better compete with their Order of Death's Vigil counterparts
  • You can now ask the Chosen and Order emissaries about the equipment their respective factions offer
  • The Bladesworn Talisman is now offered by the Devil's Crossing Quartermaster instead of the Black Legion Quartermaster
  • Quest - An Old Threat: Outlaw lieutenants are no longer required targets for this quest. The quest can now be turned in retroactively if you have slain Darius Cronley before accepting it.
  • Quest - Disarming the Enemy: the quest is now retroactive if you destroy at least 3 Forges during a single session, prior to accepting the quest
  • Bounty: Manticore Eye has been replaced with a new bounty targeting Cavern Crawlers in the Mountain Deeps. Anyone currently on this bounty will have it erased from their quest log.
  • Increased drop rate of the Depraved Sanctuary key
  • Increased drop rate of Kilrian's Shattered Soul and Kilrian's Skullbreaker
  • Sound effects for Gunfire and Crossbow shots have been updated


  • Duplicate Unique items should now drop far less frequently in a single session thanks to optimized quantum algorithms
  • Conversion: the order of events on Conversion from gear has been changed. It is now: Skills -> Skill Modifiers -> Skill Conversion -> Equipment Conversion -> Equipment Modifiers and Skill Passives/Auras. Previously, Conversion on Equipment would be the last step.
  • Magic Affix loot tables have been updated so that lower level affixes stop dropping sooner, increasing the probability of getting appropriate-level bonuses dramatically.
  • Additional tiers of Magic % Damage suffixes have been added for Weapons so upgrades are available more consistently. This does not increase the number of possible affixes; instead, the affixes are replaced more frequently with better versions.
  • Base damage values on weapons have been significantly increased with level. Overall, we felt that going up weapon tiers was unrewarding and there was too much reliance on good RNG to get a decent weapon. Now most of a weapon's flat damage comes from its base values, and less from its affixes. This change necessitated adjustments to the stat requirements formula. While we tried to maintain the same progression, you may find that the requirements on your weapons may have shifted a few stat points.
  • With the above weapon damage rebalance, two-handed guns and crossbows have had their damage increased more, so that their ratio to one-handed guns is closer to that of two-handed vs one-handed melee weapons
  • In addition, the penalty on Pierce ratio has been slightly reduced, shrinking the DPS gap between weapons with high Pierce ratio and those without any
  • To compensate for the weapon damage rebalance, flat damage bonuses on all equipment have been reduced, or in some cases removed entirely
  • As the above changes have a significant impact on hybrid characters' ability to collect their desired element, physical-to-magic damage Conversion is now more readily accessible on Components, Prefixes and Uniques
  • Armor values have been significantly increased with level to provide reasonable protection against incoming damage. Heavy Armor in particular should be better at absorbing hits from non-bosses. Armor requirements have been recalculated based on these changes, resulting in a small increase in physique requirements on standard Armor and Heavy Armor at level 30+ and a slight reduction in Physique requirements to Caster Armor.
  • Attribute Magic suffixes have been removed from the loot tables for weapons, and the chance of getting weapons with % damage bonuses has been increased
  • Caster Implements can now roll +Skill prefixes. Magic Class prefixes have had their % damage bonuses increased
  • Caster Implements now also have base % damage bonuses
  • Shield Damage has been increased to match the increase for melee weapons, Physique requirements slightly increased at higher levels
  • % Attack Damage Converted to Health bonuses have been reduced, and in some cases removed/replaced, on all equipment. In addition, it no longer scales above 100% Weapon Damage on skills (ex. 20% life steal with 200% Weapon Damage would still be 20%, not scale up to 40%).
  • Item Pets: Innate damage / life scaling with level reduced in accordance to B26 changes to Occultist mastery summons. This change did not make B26 and is simply bringing item pet scaling in line with those summoned by Mastery skills, which they are not meant to out-compete.

Epic Items

  • Epic: many granted item skills have had their cooldowns reduced and stats improved
  • Epic: reduced + Skill bonuses on various Epics
  • Epic - Chains of Anguish: increased cooldown on the skill to 60s and reduced resistance penalty to -50%
  • Epic - Black Grimoire of Og'Napesh: removed bonus to Physique and Pet % Health bonus, reduced Pet % Damage bonus
  • Epic - Death Ward: removed the unintentionally high Cold damage bonus
  • Epic - Falcon's Claw: + skill bonuses replaced with bonuses to Shaman skills
  • Epic - Guardsman's Defender: added +1 to Blitz
  • Epic - Hulking Legguards: Added % Trauma damage bonus, physique reduced to 25, % Armor and flat Physical damage removed. The chance to activate Earthquake has been increased to 5% and the values on the skill have been updated.
  • Epic - Jewel of the Royal Crown: reduced Health bonus
  • Epic - Scythe of Tenebris: replaced Cast Speed bonus with Cooldown Reduction
  • Epic - Spiritstone Charm: reduced Pet % Health bonus
  • Epic - Warmonger's Belt: reduced the Defensive Ability penalty on the proc from -150 to -30
  • Epic - Warpath Girdle: replaced Physical damage bonuses with % Bleed damage and % Trauma damage, reduced Attack Speed to 4%
  • Epic - Wyrmclaw: reduced Pet % Defensive Ability bonus, replaced % Acid damage with 50% Pet Fire Damage
  • Updated several item skills (Ex. Death Ward's Defy Death) that had a chance to activate on low health to instead always activate at a fixed health %, as they were originally intended

Magic and Rare Items

  • Magic Suffix - Celerity: added additional tiers of this suffix for Accessories, starting with lower values but ending at higher values. Items currently rolled with this suffix will have the first tier. New items will roll with the level-appropriate version.
  • Faction - Augments: reduced Offensive and Defensive ability bonuses, level requirements increased
  • Faction - Devil's War Seal: reduced Pet % Defensive Ability bonus
  • Faction - Rhowari Mantle: reduced Pet % Damage bonus
  • Rare Affixes: Focus-only prefixes and suffixes have had their stats updated. Several suffixes can no longer drop, as they are redundant with the changes made, and are considered Legacy items (Affliction, Conflagration, Defiler, Squalls, Storms, Winter Storm)
  • Rare Prefixes: 2 new prefixes, Demonic (Chaos + Vitality) and Aetherfire (Aether + Fire), can now drop on Focus, Armor and Accessory items
  • Rare Prefixes: updated bonuses on various weapon rare prefixes
  • Rare Prefixes: updated class-specific rare Prefixes with the addition of a new tier. The current bonuses are being shifted up to a level 65 version.
  • Rare Prefix - Incorruptible: reduced bonuses
  • Rare Prefix - Inquisitor's: stats redesigned to favor Elemental builds
  • Rare Prefix - Flamecaster's: renamed to Enchanter's, bonuses redesigned to favor Elemental builds
  • Rare Prefix - General's: stats redesigned
  • Rare Prefix - Hoarfrost: renamed to Incanter's, redesigned to favor Elemental builds. can now drop on all weapon types instead of just ranged weapons
  • Rare Prefix - Imposing: removed % Armor bonus
  • Rare Prefix - Light Bringer's: stats redesigned to favor Elemental builds and Cast Speed
  • Rare Prefix - Menacing: reduced Offensive Ability bonus
  • Rare Prefix - Paladin's: replaced % Physique bonus with % Protection, increased retaliation chance to 5%
  • Rare Prefix - Renegade's: reduced Offensive Ability bonus
  • Rare Prefix - Resonant: stats redesigned to favor Elemental builds
  • Rare Prefix - Savage: renamed to Relentless
  • Rare Prefix - Sandstorm: stats redesigned to favor Elemental builds
  • Rare Prefix - Seraphim: reduced Defensive Ability bonus
  • Rare Prefix - Stonehide: removed Defensive Ability bonus
  • Rare Prefix - Stormheart: this prefix can now drop on all weapon types instead of just ranged weapons
  • Rare Prefix - Thunderstruck: reduced Offensive Ability and increased Electrocute Retaliation on Accessories
  • Rare Prefix - Tyrant's: reduced % damage reduction and removed Offensive Ability, but increased Cunning bonus
  • Rare Suffixes: consolidated some weapon suffixes. Conflagration, Defiler, Shattering, Torrents and Wildfire now give a bonus to absolute and damage over time. Affliction, Hurricane, Squalls and Winter Storm can no longer drop on weapons and are considered Legacy items.
  • Rare Suffixes: replaced the + Skill bonuses on the following Armor suffixes: Amarasta's Flurry, Destruction, Dreeg's Gaze, Maiven's Wit, Oleron's Wrath and Solael's Malice
  • Rare Suffixes: increased chance of generating Ring-only suffixes on Rings
  • Rare Suffixes: added 5 new suffixes for Rings with + Skills: Amarasta's Flurry, Destruction, Dreeg's Gaze, Oleron's Wrath and Solael's Malice
  • Rare Suffixes: Fallen Skies and Nature's Bounty have been split off into an Armor-only version and a Rings-only version. This change is retroactive, so Accessories already rolled with these suffixes will have the Armor-version stats, but new Accessories (except Rings) will not roll these suffixes.
  • Rare Suffix - Albrecht's Focus: this suffix now only drops on rings
  • Rare Suffix - Anomalies: replaced flat Aether damage with Cast Speed, added bonus to Callidor's Tempest, now has Aether Retaliation at all levels
  • Rare Suffix (Weapon) - Annihilation: added Spirit bonus
  • Rare Suffix (Weapon) - Arcane Balance: increased % Fire and % Cold damage bonuses
  • Rare Suffix (Weapon) - Arcane Blaze: increased % Fire damage bonus, added bonus to Callidor's Tempest
  • Rare Suffix - Basilisk: stats redesigned for defensive builds
  • Rare Suffix - Bestial Rage: reduced pet % Attack Speed bonus
  • Rare Suffix (Weapon) - Blight: increased % Vitality damage bonus and added Cast Speed bonus, but removed flat Vitality damage and reduced % Poison duration
  • Rare Suffix (Weapon) - Cabal: increased % Chaos and % Poison damage bonuses, added bonus to Curse of Frailty
  • Rare Suffix (Weapon) - Cruelty: increased chance of % Bleed damage, but reduced % Bleed duration bonus
  • Rare Suffix (Weapon) - Devourer: can no longer drop. Items already with this suffix are considered Legacy items.
  • Rare Suffix - Diviner: replaced flat Chaos damage with Cast Speed, added bonus to Doombolt, now has Chaos Retaliation at all levels
  • Rare Suffix - Dranghoul: reduced Offensive Ability bonus on Armor
  • Rare Suffix (Weapon) - Elements: added Cast Speed bonus
  • Rare Suffix (Weapon) - Fallen Skies: increased % Cold and % Lightning damage bonuses
  • Rare Suffix (Weapon) - Flamecaller: increased % Fire damage bonus, added bonus to Thermite Mines
  • Rare Suffix (Weapon) - Fury: reduced Offensive Ability bonus
  • Rare Suffix - Gildam Arcanum: added Cast Speed Bonus
  • Rare Suffix - Glacier: added bonus to Flash Freeze, now has Freeze Resistance at all levels
  • Rare Suffix - Hellhound: renamed to Incineration, added Cast Speed, replaced Fire Retaliation with bonus to Blackwater Cocktail, no longer gives a % Fire damage bonus to Pets
  • Rare Suffix - Hurricane: added a bonus to Wind Devil, now has Stun Resistance at all levels
  • Rare Suffix (Weapon) - Insanity: updated stats
  • Rare Suffix (Weapon) - Sage: increased drop rate of this suffix
  • Rare Suffix (Weapon) - Sanctification: updated stats
  • Rare Suffix - Shadows: removed Cunning bonus
  • Rare Suffix (Weapon) - Shattered Reality: increased % Aether and % Chaos damage bonuses
  • Rare Suffix (Weapon) - Slayer: increased chance of % Pierce damage
  • Rare Suffix - Slith: replaced Poison Duration Reduction with bonus to Dreeg's Evil Eye, Poison Damage duration now scales up with suffix tier
  • Rare Suffix (Weapon) - Solael's Malice: increased % Chaos damage bonus
  • Rare Suffix (Weapon) - Voidfire: increased % Fire damage bonus

Crafting and Relics

  • Relic - updated Class-specific crafting bonuses: removed % Damage bonuses, replaced bonuses to base skills to instead be bonuses to skill modifiers, and reduced the bonus from +2 to +1
  • Relic - Ancestor: attributes bonuses have been replaced by +1 to Shaman skills (new crafting bonus table to match) and 25% Vitality resistance for pets. % Defensive ability bonus increased to 5%. Pet damage bonus increased to 35%. Bonuses on granted skill increased, but the reserved energy has also been increased.
  • Relic - Blight: increased Poison damage significantly on the granted skill to offset the risk of being in melee range
  • Relic - Desolation: this Relic's effect can now activate off of any melee hits taken, rather than at low health. Cooldown reduced significantly.
  • Relic - Rampage: reduced Offensive Ability bonus on this Relic's triggered effect to 40
  • Relic - Savagery: renamed to Savage. Reduced Pet % Damage and Health bonuses. Bonus to all Shaman skills removed and crafting bonus table reverted. Any crafted Savagery Relics will retain their current crafting bonus. The Stormhound has learned to cleave its enemies with storm claws. Cooldown and energy cost of Summon Stormhound increased.
  • Relic - Zeal: chance to activate this Relic's effect increased.
  • Crafting: reduced crafting cost of Magic-quality blueprints
  • Crafting: reduced crafting cost for Explorer's Tunic, Explorer's Trousers and Guardsman's Breastplate
  • Crafting: increased item level on rare crafted armor, stats and requirements increased accordingly. The blueprints will continue to drop at the same level so that you have a chance to acquire the blueprints well in advance of when the armor is useful. This change is retroactive.
  • Crafting: improved bonuses on Brutal Great Axe, Brutal Carver, Adept's Wand and Scepter rare blueprints
  • Crafting: replaced % Attack Speed on Ranger's Ribbon and Badge with Pierce Resistance


  • Components: many component-granted skills have been revised, in some cases buffed significantly. More are now spammable to offer up new options to casters of various elements, while others have had their cooldowns reduced. Chaos Strike is now a teleport akin to Nightblade's Shadow Strike, Lightning Strike has been replaced with a Lightning Nova.
  • Components: updated sell values on all Components, with higher level Components being worth significantly more than entry-tier Components
  • Components: Weapon Components can now roll Cast Speed as a completion bonus, reduced % Attack Speed bonuses to 4%
  • Components: Most Components previously restricted to melee weapons can now also be applied to Shields and Caster Off-hands (ex. Amber, Coldstone, etc.)
  • Components: All Components previously restricted to guns and crossbows can now also be applied to Caster Off-hands (ex. Flintcore Bolts)
  • Components: Chains of Oleron and Hallowed Ground have had their Completion bonus table redone. They now generate +1 to two skills from a Mastery. All non-mastery bonuses can no longer be generated. +1 to Mastery bonuses have been replaced with the new +1 to two skill bonuses.
  • Components: Imbued Silver and Purified Salt have been redesigned. While thematically, these Components made sense, they were not particularly appealing or competitive with other options offered. These Components now serve as defensive options on weapons.
  • Component - Ancient Armor Plate: removed % Total damage bonus, % Protection bonus increased to 6%
  • Component - Arcane Spark: reduced Offensive Ability bonus to 25
  • Component - Attuned Lodestone: stats redesigned
  • Component - Chains of Oleron: stats updated
  • Component - Dense Fur: replaced % Constitution bonus with Bonus Armor
  • Component - Hallowed Ground: stats updated
  • Component - Haunted Steel: completion bonus table replaced with standard Rare Weapon Component table
  • Component - Kilrian's Shattered Soul: increased % Vitality damage to 25% and Vitality resistance to 20%, added % Fire damage
  • Component - Mark of Mogdrogen: removed penalty to Beasts and Beastkin, increased Health Regeneration to 15
  • Component - Mark of the Traveler: removed penalty to Beasts and Beastkin, added 10% Slow resistance
  • Component - Roiling Blood: reduced Offensive Ability bonus to 16
  • Component - Serrated Spike: now also provides 12% Bleed damage
  • Component - Silvercore Bolts: stats redesigned, completion bonus table replaced with standard Rare Weapon Component table

[Class & Skills]

  • Mortar Traps, Thermite Mines and Blade Spirit summons have been overhauled to scale with player stats instead of pet bonuses. We felt that the fantasy around those skills never quite fit the summoner role but, due to technical limitations, it was necessary for them to scale with pet bonuses. With recent tech changes, we are now able to make those skills function as they were always intended: as standard player skills. Summoned minions such as the Raven and Hellhound continue to scale with pet bonuses.
  • Damage over Time from multiple sources (ex. Poison on Weapon and from Dreeg's Evil Eye on the same target) no longer suffer from diminishing returns and now deal full damage
  • A new damage multiplier has been added for Transmuters. This modifier is multiplicative with other % bonuses, which are normally additive. Most transmuters have been rebalanced with this new mechanic.
  • Fixed an issue where + Skill bonuses to skills with % Weapon Damage would not properly apply the % Weapon Damage of the increased skill rank. As skills were balanced around this bug, some skills have had their % Weapon Damage values adjusted at Ultimate skill ranks.


  • Field Command: increased Offensive/Defensive Ability and % Protection scaling with rank
  • Blade Arc: animation speed increased and energy cost reduced
  • Clean Sweep: rebalanced to use new damage multiplier, removing the % damage bonuses
  • Laceration: increased % Bleed and % Trauma damage
  • Tremor: rebalanced to use new damage multiplier for its penalty, dropping the - % Physical damage and reducing the - % Weapon Damage
  • Rending Force armor reduction increased - max level went from 105 to 180.
  • Warcry: cooldown increased from 5s to 6.5s and % Total damage reduction lowered at cap from 45% to 36%.
  • Break Morale: increased from 8 to 12 ranks as it seemed like too much payout for so little investment, especially given that Soldier has fewer total points than other masteries. Physical resistance reduction was also scaled down slightly.
  • Military Conditioning: added a Physical damage bonus. Cadence and Deadly Momentum have been trimmed back to compensate.
  • Cadence: added an energy cost and reduced Physical damage scaling with rank
  • Deadly Momentum: reduced flat Physical damage scaling with rank


  • Skills affected by Ulzuin's Chosen can now be properly respecced as long as at least one remains learned
  • High Impact: reduced the % Physical damage bonus by 50% at all ranks, slightly reduced Fire damage scaling with rank
  • Skyfire Grenado: increased Lightning and Electrocute damage scaling with rank. Rebalanced energy cost scaling to be similar to that of High Impact.
  • Stun Jacks: Flat damage was able to be increased with Quick Jacks being shifted to use a new damage multiplier for it's penalty
  • Quick Jacks: rebalanced with new damage multiplier instead of the % Lightning and % Physical damage penalties. Effect on DPS will vary with build but moderately well equipped test characters saw a slight increase. The penalty shouldn't be as harsh at lower levels since it is multiplicative instead of additive but should retain more significance at higher levels.
  • Mortar Trap: rebalanced to scale with player stats instead of Pet bonuses. Projectile speed increased, delay between attacks reduced. The Big One now fires sooner.
  • Thermite Mines: rebalanced to scale with player stats instead of Pet bonuses. Energy cost reduced.
  • Fire Strike: % Weapon Damage now scales with rank, % Physical damage bonus increased at ultimate ranks
  • Searing Strike: rebalanced with new damage multiplier, removing the % damage bonuses. Now also works with rifles and crossbows in addition to melee weapons.
  • Flame Touched and Temper: increased % Damage bonuses. Added % Physical Trauma bonus to Temper.
  • Concussive Bomb: rebalanced with new damage multiplier instead of the % Total damage penalty


  • Bloody Pox: now remains active on dead enemies for the duration of the effect
  • Dreeg's Evil Eye: % Weapon damage has been adjusted down to a more reasonable level
  • Focused Gaze: radius increased, % Acid and % Poison damage bonuses increased, added 100% Poison Duration
  • Sigil of Consumption: energy cost slightly reduced and damage scaling increased. Destruction modifier damage slightly reduced and cost increased. Intention was just to equalize the damage for cost more between the base skill and the modifier.
  • Curse of Frailty: added Energy Leech
  • Consecrated Blade: now works with rifles and crossbows in addition to melee weapons


  • Pneumatic Burst: Cold damage exchanged for Life Regeneration
  • Night's Chill: added Poison resistance reduction
  • Nightfall: added % Weapon damage and increased Cold damage
  • Blade Spirit: rebalanced to scale with player stats instead of Pet bonuses. Energy cost and cooldown reduced significantly.
  • Phantasmal Armor: increased Armor and Energy Leech scaling with rank
  • Focused Throw: added additional blades, increased % Pierce damage and % Life Leech
  • Fixed an issue with Amarasta's Blade Burst not dealing % Weapon Damage
  • Nidalla's Hidden Hand: updated tooltip to correctly state that Pierce damage is Converted to Acid, not Poison. This was a display issue only.
  • Weapon pool skills have been adjusted to promote Pierce a little more, over Blademasters just going for straight Physical damage modifiers, especially with the boost to base physical weapon damage this build


  • Albrecht's Aether Ray: damage and energy cost increased slightly. % Critical Damage bonus moved to Disintegration.
  • Disintegration: the % Weapon damage on this skill was not properly scaling with weapon damage and has been removed. This change has a minimal impact on Aether Ray's damage.
  • Arcane Will: increased Total damage bonus by 10% at all ranks. The skill now activates when below 70% health
  • Iskandra's Elemental Exchange and its modifiers have been revised
  • Callidor's Tempest: rebalanced with new damage multiplier, removing the % damage bonuses
  • Maiven's Sphere of Protection has been turned into a toggled buff since it was seen as overlapping too much with Mirror of Ereoctes and also given the preponderance of active skills on Arcanist. The stats have been adjusted based on the ability to have it always on.
  • Olexra's Flash Freeze: damage and energy cost increased, Fire Resistance reduction on targets increased significantly
  • Absolute Zero: increased Coldburn damage scaling with rank and slightly increased % Total Speed Reduction, added Physical Resistance reduction
  • Reckless Power: % Health penalty now starts at -40%, but decreases with rank to -20% at rank 12, and -15% at rank 22. Previously, the health penalty increased with rank.
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Might get back into this, been playing a lot of Path of Exile lately :)


Might roll a SHaman totem build

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Really liking the Shamen class, it seems to be the most balanced all round class that GD needed. Much more active skills than the others.

From a quick study, it looks like you can make a insanely high HP regen character with a Shaman and Demo combo.

Maybe as high as 3500+ hp/sec with the right gearing!

Nice for the Aether pools in the later acts. As well as nice lightning and reflect damage synergy


Also nice skills for hit and run tactics - the summons, and totems etc


It's got a real Jedi Knight/Sith Lord vibe to it :)

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meanwhile our TQ-group tested the MP with four players...seems we will not finish the actual TQ-session! :D

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The Devotion system looks pretty cool....They just keep adding depth to the game....I could make another 50 different class builds with everything they've added in the last few builds....I think I have around 15 pure Soldier builds and another 20 or so dual builds with Soldier as one mastery and they all play distinctly different, and could make another 20 unique ones easily (and still have barely touched the Arcanist class)


Going to take a break though until Devotion is actually implemented...will most likely erase all my characters and start fresh...while I could use my existing ones and backtrack through all the Acts to find these shrines, I'd rather do it as I level a new character

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