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Sacred 2 Downloads - LazyTomcat's personal CM-Patch Mod

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Thanks for making sure we don't lose track of this cool work. Even though it's too outdated for a straight installation, the content can still be used.


I've been itching to do something with it for my personal setup, like make some proper sets or items from these designs rather than just have them override existing sets.

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Silver, thanks for putting this together, with the great write up. This'll keep his work alive. Tomcat's just about one of the biggest fans for Sacred out there... never forget the work he did by putting Schot's Sacred 2 map onto linnen





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Truth to tell, it's not hard at all to make a version of this mod fully compatible with the latest CM patch. All it takes is copying his changed entries from surface.txt and itemtype.txt files he packaged with the mod into the ones from CM v140. Then packaging the mod with new files. However, it would mean editing someone else's work in a way, and I'm not sure if this is allowed.

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