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New Inquisitor Set - Disgraced Gods


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but casters still needed this special something...


I think you understand it the set perfectly. Really, although there are no explicit bonuses to Gruesome Inquisition aspect, the set could be used by a caster Inquisitor who had some Combat Arts from that aspect. The set was designed somewhat around my triple aspect Inquisitor. I noticed that with the exception of Clustering Maelstrom for big mobs, the Gruesome Inquisition Combat Arts were pulling most of the weight in terms of killing power. This set has just enough modifiers and set bonuses to reward an Inquisitor who goes into melee combat, but keeps the major focus on casting power, because, as you said, the Inquisitor could use a boost for his spells.



> ".. to invoke doom and the occult.."

The whole concept might even be unprecedented, even beyond Sacred 2..

Haha yeah maybe so...although in ancient times it was more common to take gods from other cultures and religions and turn them into demons, low-lifes and generally just "bad guys." Now it seems more to common to just treat a foreign god as just not existing at all, or in the West at least, to keep the bland "maybe they're all right and none are right" agnostic view.


I'll have to look up some of the game lore text and dialogue from the Grand Inquisitor, but I remember especially being struck by the way he was totally unfazed by Sophia's assertion that there was only one creator god, and all the other "gods" were really just aspects. "Ker is the only one that matters" he says, or something like that. Supreme confidence in their dark god, combined with willingness to efface the other gods or "aspects", was what gave birth to the idea.

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