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Unbended - New project by former Ascaron employees!

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That's great. It's always good to hear the news and I'm glad to know that the project is gathering some money to get on with development. It gives some hope that we'd see the result one day.   On th

I understand the potential confusion, but I generally use whatever game I'm currently playing through at the time so I have visuals to talk over. I showed Dark Souls because of how accessible weapon

Howdy frends new updated FAQ (Eng) in next 1-2 days. carolyn read first proof. Thank´s for 11K € mark. you´re all so fu.... great! we´ll be switching to a new forum software with in the next few da

I ditched Facebook but I occassionally regret it (don't miss people, but miss getting updates about other things that have a presence there like bands or game developers).


I guess I'm excited about this? Maybe interested is the word.


P.S. Thank you for distracting me with Lamebook for 30 minutes when I should be going to bed...

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This tentatively sounds great, and a new actual Sacred game, open world, skills and attributes, shared and unique weapons with Sacred One warmth and humor- and that humanism, well, that's fresh enough for me when you look around at today's cookie cutter games. If this is actual (un)Sacred, it's one franchise I'd be happy to purchase the entire set . I hope this comes to pass. I want to learn more, but I'm thinking of donating. I'm tired of good things disapearing or never making it. I wouldn't care about the graphics not being cutting edge, if it turned out that way. We have great graphics and mediocre games today, too many of them.


Everything I've read and seen of Sacred 3 leaves me cold and unwilling to call Sacred. Just my old fart opinion.

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I wouldn't care about the graphics not being cutting edge, if it turned out that way. We have great graphics and mediocre games today, too many of them.

well said.


I remain, :viking:

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"...Please do not angry with us. ..."

Is this part missing a "be" or has an extra "with"?

Lol, my knowledge of German is very basic, so this is the Google Translate version (ugh I know :P). I would also assume that it is indeed missing the 'be', as I know there was some heated talk over on their forums :)

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I got a Facebook message indicating that one of the updates coming out Friday was supposed to be some kind of English translation.

That's great news to hear, I've been checking everyday for something along those lines :)

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Incidentally, as the Seraphim is the poster girl for the Sacred franchise, and is in Sacred 3, are we going to have an Unseraphim (working title) in this?

I wonder what an Unseraphim would look like? Oh, oh, I know: leather corset, fishnet leggings with a little snag, the Alice Cooper "bleeding makeup" look, razor blade necklace, totally sleeved in tatts, lip ring, an S and m whip..... I'm sorry......I have issues


My guess, it will be a sexy demon. We already have a Daemon in S1, and the Black Seraphim in Sacred 2 (in Seraphim blue sidequests only).

Incidentally, anybody know of a game where a succubus is an original PC?



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I miss the Daemon a lot. One of my favorite designs from Sacred 1.


I think the Black Seraphim is the original Seraphim from S1 with no hair, red eyes and a BDSM outfit. I don't mean story-wise, I mean the model and textures themselves actually look to me to be ripped from S1.

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I just (1700 hrs CET) checked the Facebookpage of Studio II as well as www.unsacred.de

There isn't any other news as the Facebook page but a reply to a previous statusupdate, telling that it'll take a while, but something is coming.


When checking the website, I got directed to a page telling me a certain kind of software has been installed correctly when I'm able to see it.


So, in short, no news as of yet, but something definately is brewing over there. :)



Thorin :)

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I just got a paypal refund for buying an NPC a week ago... With the following note from Franz Stradal:

Lieber Supporter. UNSACRED ist leider tot. Darum erstatten wir Dir Deine Spende zurück. Du willst mehr wissen? Du willst uns weiter unterstützen? Besuch uns auf www.unbended.de

Which translates to:

Dear Supporter. Unsacred is unfortunately dead That's why we will refund you back your donation. You want to know more? You want to support us? Visit us www.unbended.de


So the website moved... and while it looks the same, the English part is not working yet, and the forums have been reset. The old registered account still works.

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Well, it was a "working title". I suppose when you have to move the website domain, an all around refund would be a logical way to inform every backer that you have moved, seeing as many of those paypal accounts/emails might not be actual user/backer emails.

But now we have to do this AGAIN. And I still got no answers for my future followup NPC purchases.

The project is down to 1.162,92 €

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