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My Undead army will not die....serious.

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I've been playing around with undead followers ala, "The General" and now have an army that is out of hand and will not die- can't count them, well over a 100, orcs, ogres, bears, even zombies have joined in.

Turn into a vampire will not kill them. Quitting the game will not kill them. I've one save with 'only' 30 undead and will be working with this to save my character. Level 45 or so. Don't want to lose her.


It was a lot of fun while it lasted- now it's more like the Sorcerer's Apprentice and things are definately out of hand.




PS; OK, here is what has transpired since initial post; the save with only 30-40 undead, after 2 or 3 times turning back and forth Vampire, did die. However, the save with 100-150+ did not. No amount of turning into vampire, into human, or quiting game removed the mob.

My son, who was estatic over this news, took the mob north to the ice elves and the two blue dragons. He got lost along the way and picked up many elves and bears. He fought one blue dragon- its health was half down but his mob then lost the fight. ( I was in another room and missed this) He said the remainder of the army disapeared into puffs of black smoke, which is how the undead evaporate from the game.


I can't believe a blue dragon held them off. Because of the smoke, I'm wondering if something else occurred too.


Well, I'd say be very careful if you are a vampire and buidling semi permanent mobs of undead. They may not die.

I forgot to tell you that my Vampire was on Silver level.

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It wasn't a game after the novelty wore off....had a new sword of recundis or some such, and by the time the mob was through, I'd leveled 3X and the sword lost some of its useful life range. And the drop rates changed; at first there'd be a flash of green or gold and a goodie, but when the horde was over a hundred + members there were no more great drops. I don't know if the rates changed or if the horde was simply so big you couldn't see much and by the time they'd left the area the items had vanished. I think I'd have seen good drops. The game no longer was fulfilling it's 'obligations'. Things weren't working normally.


the screen staggers too- you know- delayed frames, lagging, everything jumping and stopping, not much fun.


There were a few great moments, like crossing the desert riverbed using the narrow walk bridge- the Horde was too big and flowed under and around like a black flood. And who could forget a single orc following his script and attacking the hero, not noticing the army beside him? But for a game? No way. It's not a game anymore. You just watch. Think I swung the boss sword 4 times.


I've made vampire's out of dragons before, but didn't get a permanent vampire dragon stooge with the horde. (You can't make a vampire out of a zombie but your other vampire stooges can. /-least I haven't been able to-/ That was interesting; an undead zombie turned into an undead vampire zombie) We had several of those.

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