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The Lost Combat Arts of Sacred 2

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That post reminds me of the old times before Sacred 2 was released. The first gameplay information we saw for it actually did mention 6 CAs per aspect, with some of additional ones even being featured on screenshots and videos. But then the amount was reduced to 5, as Ascaron was running out of time to implement and balance all their ideas. There are many other things that were planned and partially implemented but never got completed - mount armor and equipment, hireling system akin to Diablo 2, more weapon classes and skills, to name a few. Maybe they hoped to complete and add these features in add-ons, but went bankrupt before it happened.


The discussion of these additional 6th CAs started again after I&B was released, because Dragon Mage looked like a class the devs assembled from their previously unfinished ideas. Granted, he has an original idea behind his character, but only the Dragon Magic aspect is directly linked to it, the other two are generally magical, and CAs for them could have been - and in fact were - reused. Many of CAs that appeared on early Sacred 2 screenshots but never made it into Fallen Angel made re-appearance in his arsenal. So all CAs about which you were supposing that they went to DM really did just that. Also, if I recall correctly, his Gust of Wind also was recognized as one of CAs that were planned but not released for one of the original characters, though I don't remember whom it was originally meant for. And I guess that either Dread Fire from HE's arsenal or Permanent Fire from TG's made re-appearance as DM's Eternal Fire - an infectious CA is what the Arrant Pyromancer is lacking, but TG's spell bears strong title similarity. Though Dread Fire could have also been changed into Dragon Strike by adding an animation of flying dragon to it. An Area of Effect attack that can be focused on debuffs - sort of a Pyro counterpart to Ranging Nimbus - fits the name quite well.


"Opponents Essence" might have been something like a shapeshifting ability or an ability to use opponents' CAs when the buff is active. I can see why such idea might have been seriously considered (it sounds interesting) and why it was cancelled (very hard to balance properly).


The news about you messing with spells and maybe making a spell mod sound exciting. Having an opportunity to play with modified or new (replaced) character classes would bring some fresh air to the game. Also, if used as a non-replacement version, some of the new spells can be used to create new interesting enemies and bosses, like CM devs used Seraphim's CAs for Failitia and SW's deactivated CA for Shelob.

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Klingenwirbel : translates as 'whirl of blades'

I thought it could be a whirlwind with blades surrounding the seraphim, a bit like the rotating blades of light in Sacred1?


OH I should have caught that. Google Translate let me down there, I wonder why it came up so different. I bet you're right, I bet something like Rotating Blades of Light would have made a comeback with that combat art. Too bad I already made a Sonic Vortex for the Seraphim though! :D


I don't think the Provoke spell tokens are working. It may be that the provoke bonuses in blueprint.txt just need some adjusting, or they may be hopelessly broken. Really though I don't think the idea is all that appealing to me anyway, since it's more of an ability you'd want for team play, not single player.


I'll try to put together a topic with all the new stuff I was able to make next week.

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