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Drop rate for mutation sets (sacred 2 ice and blood)

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I have community patch version 1.40 , also I play with someone, we both have seraphims at lvls ~70 and pieces of every other sets beside mutation ones. My question is do I have to download any file to increase drop rate for it and if so does my playing buddy also has to download it to be able to play with me?

ps: Our survival bonus is at ~70%

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Mutation sets have much lower drop rate than any other set items because, if memory serves, they are originally included into only one drop-list while the other set pieces are included into 4 drop-lists. So the fact that you haven't yet found any pieces of Mutation sets is pretty normal and intended by the CM-Patch developers.


However, if you want to increase the drop rate for those sets, there are some mods that can help you out. If you play the English version of the game, it's a good idea to install the Community Items Mod, which adds new content as well as increases the mutation sets drop rate (all items are included in several drop-lists and there is a fairly good chance to get them from bosses). There is also Nighthawk's mod for Mutation set drop rate, but it was made for v130.

What do you mean by those drop-lists? Where can I find some information about them?

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I mean the game's scripts that regulate many of gameplay aspects. All scripts are contained in "scripts" subfolder of the game's main folder. Drop-lists which regulate the way the items drop in game can be found in the file "scripts/server/drop.txt". By editing this file it is possible to define in which situations any particular item would drop. Drop lists themselves have pretty simple structure, but they are just the sequence of numerical entries with very few commentaries, which makes them harder to read. Each drop-list has a commentary about what it contains, so it's more or less clear. But to find a particular item in drop-list or to add an item, you need to know the item's blueprint ID, which is defined in "scripts/server/bluerpint.txt".


If you want to find the blueprints for the Mutation set items, search blueprint.txt for "tset". This way you'd be able to learn blueprint IDs for them. But if you try to add these IDs to drop-lists on your own, please remember to backup your savegames before trying. Making mistakes in drop.txt is known to lead to some unpleasant consequences like item loss.

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