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Dragon Brother

Sacred 3 Gameplay - English

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So if anyone is interested in seeing a decent amount of gameplay in english for S3 I ran across this today. It's something Deep Silver streamed and then saved the broadcast with plans to do it again next week with footage of the Malakhim. From watching it they appear to have done it before but I could only find this recorded one.


It basically confirms for me everything I was thinking about the game...looks fun in local co-op, but lacks the depth we expect with the series.


At one point their armour skill levels up and the sun warrior guy gets a shoulder pad attached to the character model, but there's no actual equipment...


I'll probably still buy it at some point...but not sure when. If I do get the urge to play I'm sure I'm gonna want the malakhim though which means I'd need to pre-order, but I don't really think this game is worth paying full price for...sigh :(



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Thanks for sharing this, Dragon Brother. I don't plan to buy the game now or later, but its release is still a notable event for this community. I also think that the Malakhim class won't stay pre-order exclusive forever. It's just too big a piece to keep it this way. They probably made it so for now, so that while the game is still new those who pre-ordered felt they have a superior version. But as even Deep Silver expects the game to be relatively short-lived, I guess they'll release this class as a paid DLC once the hype goes down. Or maybe it would be included into some kind of Gold version, to encourage people who don't have this class to buy the game again. Anyway, I think that there would be time when you'd be able to buy S3 full and with discount. In fact, I won't be really surprised if it happens during the nearest big Steam sale.

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This looks to be some fun on the big screen

not what I expected or wanted for the Sacred series

kinda feel like my friends from yester years got resurrected and are now doomed to walk as zombies in console games

I'm a bit broken

but am holding faith in Unbended, and, of course, a Sacred 4?

thanks for the post DB!




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