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Sacred 3 Review - Zero Punctuation - nothing is Sacred


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P.S. Though I don't agree with Thief being on the list, primarily because I'm about to play it.


Just beat Thief 4, and it’s OK. Basically, it’s Thief 3 with a different story and a graphics detail update.

While having valid points about the flaws in the game, Yahtzee is completely bias when it comes to the Thief series. No way does Thief 4 qualify for any top 5 worst games list of the year, especially not number 1.

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quote yajtzee: "...the worst game needn't necessarily be the most objectivly badly made or frustrating one, but the game with the worst intentions. ..."


ok, so it's like thief 3... I think the point he tried to make is, that it isn't like thief 1...

I never played any games of that series, not my kind of genre, but I've watched this dude for over 6 years now, and if there is a complaint to be made, I value his opinion.

The same goes for sim city (5) for example. not really the worst game ever made, but to me personally a load of "you know what" simply because there's not enough of the old sim city left.

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