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Finally, Sacred 3 Fan Art!


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...sort of.



You can thank SX255 for this brilliance. Hard to refuse a request like that.

This is Brilliant Aegis, well done!!

You couldn't have captured of what counts to us, as fans and broken hearted-cryers about what happend, is happening, and we never want to happen again.


Good job sir!





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Is that SX255 at the far left, inconsolable by the dwarf?

No, I did not request any self-insertion - it would have ruined the picture.

Besides, I'm a battle extension of a guy.


No regrets - the picture is perfect.

Edited by SX255
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You guys duo'd on this so well. In fact, I find myself returning to this image over and over. It bring a lot of nostalgia to my heart. Great detail, great care in this obviously from devoted and loving fans.

Shame on you Deep Silver




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In a strange way, it's funny how a fans' creativity looks to bring the greatest amount of critique if not shame to the company.

Has this been posted on the official Sacred 3 forum yet?





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