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[Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2


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  • 2 months later...

Hello everyone. I feel like I've done everything in order but I can't seem to get the modded classes to show up, is that a known issue? At the character creation screen there are all the standard sacred 2 classes with new graphic models but skills etc. are the same. Thanks for your help =)

Problem propably solved: My game is in german, going to try and change that somehow.

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  • 3 weeks later...

New Quests Incoming for Version 15:

Black Mushroom

Recreated chain quest from Diablo 1.  This quest begins after completing "Tainted Water Supply" for Pepin outside Wargfels.  Talk to Adria the Witch, now nearby the healer's hut.

OwJxyts.jpg   0Tu7eKM.jpg

This quest will send you into Nagash's Nest, the nearby swampy area, a couple times. First track down the mushroom, then talk to Pepin to continue the plot threads from Tainted Water Supply where he looks for a cure for the poisonous demons.


You'll be up against more Tainted demons.  In the end you'll end up with a Spectral Elixir (grants 3 Attribute points on reload).


Anvil of Fury

Another D1 recreated quest.  I transformed the Larzuk model into Griswold (the living) and transplanted him to Za'Zuruik.  The blacksmith asks you to hunt down a legendary artifact in the mines.


Travel to the very lowest level of the mines, where you will find the Hellforge, but it is not empty. You'll have to battle Hephasto the Armorer for possession of the Anvil.

RkXV6fR.jpg   fnxQOHX.jpg

For your troubles Griswold will grant you an Ethereal Shortsword, as well as offering his services to you as a Blacksmith vendor.

Hephasto himself uses a new model imported by Dmitriy.  This design replaces the old one which was just an Undead Ogre.  Hephasto is now boss-class and has some powerful fire related special attacks.  Do not underestimate him!

KLMzpCD.jpg   1uq4d08.png


Halls of the Blind

In the peaceful town of Urthak's Moxie, there is an abandoned house on the far northeast side.  Inside, everything is disheveled, with overturned furniture and books scattered on the floor. What happened here?  One of books contains a cryptic rhyme...


You only need ask the local storyteller for more info.


Deckard Cain has been transplanted from his spot in Sloeford to the fountain in Urthak's Moxie town square.  He will give more clues to track down the Halls of the Blind.


I will leave it a surprise as to what you will find inside.  Suffice to say there's nothing quite like it in the rest of the game, but once you overcome it you will be richly rewarded with a Legendary amulet.



I should also mention that all three quests will be fully voiced in English.

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Man that got me exited.I don't have much time as I started working with my brother in web dev and we are pact with work.I usually work over weekends but we busy catching up to work and I will have some time to play sacred again.What I do is I play weird combo's.For instance I am playing a staff caster amazon.It's pretty fun.My only true character I have are my barb and assassin.

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48 minutes ago, klariska said:

What I do is I play weird combo's.For instance I am playing a staff caster amazon.

Staff caster Amazon might be my favorite build in the whole mod!  :thumbsup:

I've barely scratched the surface of presenting the new changes.  This will be the biggest update in long time.


Here's a few more general changes incoming:

  - All Multiplayer buttons and menus removed in CM Patch have been restored. This should hopefully make it easier to use D2F with some of the cool new multiplayer solutions that people are coming up with.  Please only connect to servers that you trust.


 - All PhysX particles removed in CM Patch 1.60 have been restored and optimized to prevent crashing.  Some people were disappointed to lose the leaves that swirled in the wind.  These particles are back but in a reasonable number now. I did not notice any stability problems.

 - AI Upscaling has been applied to several low resolution textures, in order to create Elite textures for Ice & Blood, CM Patch, and D2F content.  This is a great improvement for a lot of the Sacred 1 monsters and NPC's that were imported in.

 - Replaced 3 of the loading screen artworks. Adjusted all to look better in modern widescreen resolutions.  The vanilla files were in 4:3 resolutions, but since no monitors use that anymore it resulted in the image being stretched.  I've improved the dimensions and put three new ones that fit the aesthetic better.




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I may die of a heart attack with excitement before the release of the new version 😁.Can't wait.It will scratch my hack&slash itch.I am busy with a fun d1 mod as well at the moment.What I like about this mod is the sacred world.It's not just a copy of d1 or d2.It's refreshing compared to the dark lore of diablo.

Don't get me wrong I love diablo but sacred has this small charm to it that I like.Vibrant colours(I have a graphics mod on I found on another website)I mainly got the mod for being able to have a third person view.It's a little hard cause of all the hills in sacred(I have never seen a game with that many hills xD).

People Complain a lot about sacred but I have played sacred one and still play it and I love sacred 2.I can remember how I tried to run it on my 3ghz p4 with a think it was a gt 5700 and it ran horribly.Even now it's taxing but it's only cause of the way they compressed the game files but for a game that old it looked amazing.I still have to get a summoner tho last time I tried a summoner boss half way through the game gave me a new a hole :D Guess I try again when I have time

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi, nice work

But some things not working (at least not as it said at wiki) 

I tested enchant build HE

Wiki says fire lore or AM should scale it - it doesn't 

Tactics lore does scale the dmg u get from it

I checked not only numbers in char info frame but also real dmg by giving 50+ point of either stat. Attack buff at level 20 enchant and level 34 HE seems a bit low to compensate no wep lore. Tested on general terus - need more then 100 sword lore on top of level 20 enchant to start doing dmg to general(level 35). Otherwise he and his minions will be untouchable. After death stat shows 73% chance to hit. But I can't hit him at all without tweak. 

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is it intended for Damage Lore not giving Chance for open wounds?
I red in that forum you had tried to buff phys based builds new jewel for ex, but without chance for wounds many phys wands have no access to it at all and 1 skill become irrelevant 

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Hello. I love the mod, but I have to report a bug for a barbarian skill - IRON SKILL.

According to sacred wiki and ingame tooltip, this skill provides: Base Defense Rating: 20 + 25 per level

I also choose the modification: Tough - Further increases the Barbarian's base defense rating by 100 + 75 per level.

I have It at level 8, so It should be [(20+100)+(25+75)*8] = 920

Yet, the result is that I have only +290 defense by activating this buff.



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  • 4 weeks later...

I've just uploaded a hotfix for an issue introduced back when v15 came out last year, where the yellow item bonus "Opponent's Armor -X%" would no longer spawn. This affected 18 uniques and 1 set bonus. This fix is immediate and retroactive, and can be installed mid-game with no side effects.

You can find the link on the download page here, on the Nexus, and right here:


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  • 4 months later...

For some reason on windows 11 cant stay on "stereo" audio, it resets to "windows settings", I tried make config file read only and speakers = 1, but still no go. Wonder if anyone was successful making it work on 11, maybe theres a setting in the system thats taking control of device.

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You sniped out the problem,  appreciated. Also the fonts are inside graphics26.zip, maybe update the front page until recompile.

I used this mod back in 2014 cant wait to revisit it.


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Hi, guys and Flix in particular.
I just completed a run with v15c and I wanted to express my gratitude for a very enjoyable experience and all the effort made over a long period of time to make this mod. A thank You to everyone involved. I have a couple more runs planned already.

In case it's still can be useful here is the list of bugs I encountered:
1. Adding to kuelho's post above - all the sound settings are reset upon launching the game (volume included). The culprit is the "sound" section in the provided optionsDefault.txt file.
2. The new fonts are not used by default. They are in graphics26.zip and either needed to be manually installed or some editing is required.
3. A few enemy spells inflict a disproportionate damage compared to a typical enemy attack. Worst offender - "skeleton_chainlightning" used by Lithos (floating crystals), Elite Whisp, summoned Upgraded Skeletal Mage and Enemy_warrior_brave_ex. I can provide a savefile on Silver run, made in a cave in Crystal Plane where elite versions of Lithos inflict about 10 times more damage than a typical enemy skill at that point. There are 3 of them right at the entrance and if all attack and at least one crits they kill the player character outright.
4. Some enemies can occasionally start to permanently move (or rather slide) at a high constant speed in a random direction. Sometimes happens with quest-related enemies too causing them to quickly move out of reach.
> Edit: After 20+ hours I didn't see this happen on my Barbarian run. So this must be related to Amazon's Multiple Shot combat art and Throwback modification specifically. It gives a knock back chance and with arrows from bows often flying back and forth from Multiple Shot it's the likely cause of the bug.
5. This might be by design but companion NPC Agent Aurora from "The Medallion of Wrath" quest is very squishy and draws a lot of attention. To keep the NPC alive you basically need to clear out all enemies on your way to the destination.
I've encountered none of these issues after 3 complete runs with Enhanced Edition v3.
Thanks again for the great mod.

(A late) Edit: added to 4th one a bit more after starting another run.

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  • 2 weeks later...

A few more bugs I encountered in the current run (Barbarian, light path, normal difficulty) with Fallen v15c and a couple minor custom mods (no idle mount sounds and some balance changes):

1. Completing Blind Guardian quest leaves a permanent quest marker without any quest info attached to it - it persists on save reload and game restart. It happens for the 5th time for me (3 times in Enhanced Edition and for the 2nd time in Fallen) and I believe it goes away with the completion of The Undead Legion quest chain.
Blind Guardian Bug.jpg

2. The Wrong Path quest (taken from inquisition at temple in Thylysium) has an incorrect quest marker which points to the wrong location - in the quest log it points to the prison, on the world map it's kind of random and only upon travelling to Sloeford it points to the correct NPC.
Wrong Path Bug.jpg

3. Lucreti's Stars helmet and Tinwora's Curse mace have issues with their models. No other mods installed. Not affected by graphics settings. The mace looks the same in the latest Enhanced Edition mod as well.
Item Bugs.jpg

4. Barbarian's Iron Skin combat art - its Tough modification says it gives way more Defense than in actually does.

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