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Don't Starve

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I really like the art style. And it's cool how there seems to be no real instructions on how to play. Very nicely put together, at least in the links you put up.

Ahhh, HC eh...




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these HC-Modus are used in many "survival"-games these days like DayZ and other... I am always laughing, when reading from frustrated players, who died too often! :D they should have played this mode before! ;)

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the more I think about it, the more HC has made games really mean something

enter flappy bird

enter pain




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Great game :)


Multiplayer for it is currently in beta, that should be awesome when it comes out.

Re MP...wow!





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Well got up to day 34 so far before Winter got me....this time I starved...monster meat = bad thing, but had nothing else. Guess I really need to concentrate on winter clothing and farming as early as I can.

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I forgot I had a beta key for DST, does anyone want it?


It's like vanilla DS (no Reign of Giants content), but currently without caves or adventure mode.

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