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German Gameserver.exe on english install

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I've been trying to get Sacred Gold set up for my wife & I to play on the Lan. We both have 6 core cpus which naturally means the gameserver won't function. I used imagecfg to force sacred.exe & gameserver.exe to single core affinity but still it fails to work. Setting numproc in the boot ini works, but I'd like to avoid using that if possible. I found the patch for the german gameserver but it says md5 mismatch when I try to use it so I was curious if the german gameserver exe would work with an english install?

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The question is, have You even tried to run the server without forcing to work on just one core? I remember my mate had to do so some time ago but I always don't need to do this. It just... works. Also, switch Your type of connection to an ISDN option, no matter what it is in fact. About Your question: you should try it out Yourself, it won't destroy Your PC :P

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