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Hello! I have a rather weird question - I own Polish version of the game and my attention got caught by characteristic NPCs reactions to this daemon, and I wondered how they sounded in original English version, because the translation is not very exact :3 On Internet I caught only "Death can be beautiful..." (The Polish version translated back would be "Only death can be that beautiful." - "Tak piękna może być tylko śmierć.") but there were more of them from what I recall. The other two translated back to English would be "Only love can be that beautiful." ("Tak piękna może być tylko miłość.") and "Only you can be that beautiful." ("Tak piękna możesz być tylko ty."). So, does anybody knows? :'D

I like the question. I got a kick out of the towns people fleeing from my demon in town. Small details like this from Sacred series amuse me.

Also wanted to welcome you to DarkMatters Amentiae!





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I don't want to buy English version throught Internet just to check it nor download pirate version, so I can only rely on you :'D

You know, here at darkmatters nothing is impossible. Honesty (and my contempt of DRM) just made a deposit in your mailbox.


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