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Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

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After watching the latest Points of Interest episode (this is the GW2 mostly community-related show), beside from seeing the revenant skills, devs said that the Stability boon (immunity to Crowd-Control skills) will no longer be duration-based. It will become intensity-based, kinda like the Blind condition.

I think in PvE some bosses already have something like this. It's called Defiance if I remember correctly.

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I have only played GW1 so far and still play it. Maybe some time I will buy 2 but I still enjoy 1 and have many friends that still play on it. Some left for 2 but then after a year they came back to 1. Have spent way to many hours playing there over the years. Last count was I think at 97 characters over 6 accounts,,, no I just checked and it's at 8 accounts now. Some of them have over 9,000 hrs. play time on them. Only 2 of the accounts I actualy bought the other 6 were given to me by friends that stopped playing or their family when they passed away.

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Keep in mind that GW1 and GW2 are vastly different. Some people do like both, but others not so much. I played GW2 first and consider it the second best PC game I've played. As for GW1, I consider it tied with WoW for the worst game ever, on any platform. So YMMV...

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