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Returned to Diablo 2: LoD after 5 yrs

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So I got bored with PoE and D3 fell off. Thus, I've plunged back into an old favorite. I've returned to D2x. So refreshing to find an online game still has a decent community. made 7 friends in 2 days and got free gear already. Ah the good old days.

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Actually I started paying d2 again for the die hard online community that persists still to this day. I play sacred 2 for modded single player which I prefer and would play multi if people were consistently online. Thanks for the suggestion though. I did see many versions of d2 on tuungle. Tried looking them up. But I remember 3rd party programs being required for character editing and I'm not big on that except for here with sacred. Appreciate the reply!

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I will certainly read up on thanks for the suggestion. Always looking for something new to play as long as its online multiplayer with a cool community.

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