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Sacred 2 and the Steam Controller (great with one issue)

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So, I got a Steam Controller Friday. Naturally I had to test it out with Sacred 2. For those who are interested my WIP Bindings can be found on Steam. They work beautifully! I've tried playing with Xpadder as well as the PS3 port, but neither of those felt right. This does. With the current bindings you do need to use the mouse to select skills, weapons, and relic sets, which for high level play will likely be an issue (I have two combos that sever my Seraphim well enough for the skills, and I don't use weapons). So far I've mostly been fiddling with the bindings and haven't done any heavy play, but will start soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


There is a single issue. I made the left pad a "scroll wheel" (which is an iPod style scroll wheel, as opposed to what's on a mouse) cycle through skills. When I open up chat, I can see that the numbers 1,2... are being input correctly, but the skills aren't changing.

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Yep, that's it. I can't say anything about the Steam Machine, I'm using my own custom computer, but the controller is well built, very functional, and more than reasonably priced. I do feel the Steam Machines are a bit on the pricey side.


It's interesting how few people have actually heard of this thing, especially since it was announced about two and a half years a go. but most people have never heard of it.


[edit] Sadly, streaming it from my desktop to my laptop, which is connected to a TV, crashes the game. :(

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I dunno... I can see people being more open to the Steam Controller, and nice to hear people who have used it actually liking it either equally or over the traditional control pad. The Steam Machines are another story. Seems a tad complicated for the average person or unnecessary for the PC gamer given they are essentially PCs and probably even for the console gamer given the price point for several of those machines. So, while it is nice to have another gaming unit out in the market for consumers to choose, I'm not so certain about their success.

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although I don't like Steam very much (I'm okay with it, but sometimes it sucks I have to use it),

I like the idea of how the steam OS / steam machines might finally help to push development of games specifically designed to run on linux natively, plus development of good and fast GPU drivers (both AMD and Nvidia)..

I dislike Windows 10 more than Steam, so it would be awesome if we could finally switch OSes and break away from Microsoft in order to play games without too many performance issues on linux, and not having to depend on MS/Windows/DX12

this is going to be interesting, maybe this time it's finally happening.. if Vulcan can change things, too? we'll see...


I used to run some older games on linux with the help of wine, but newer games tend to stutter a lot, if I can get them to run, at all.. (and yeah, my PC hardware is getting old, too.. sadly)


PS: you can install steam OS on practically any PC, so a dual boot of Win10 / Steam OS (or any other linux distro) should work on higher end PCs as well.. as most of the steam machines are low/mid end, or too expensive imho.. (building an individual PC yourself buying the hardware you like is always cheaper, but ofc that's not for everybody)

so far, it's always been the same..

customers/gamers say they would like to switch from MS to linux, if their favourite title xyz would run, but tend to stick with MS anyway when it doesnt.

publishers won't release many major AAA titles natively supported by linux because they say there's no/little market,

and therefore, freeware/proprietary GPU drivers used to lack support/proper development as well,

and so on...

if this chicken-and-egg problem could be solved, some day?

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I haven't tried the steam controller. My preference for playing Sacred 2 on the PC is to use a program like xmousebuttoncontrol to remap my middle mouse button to my right mouse button, which allows me to control the camera with the right mouse button. I then use quick cast with my abilities bound around the wasd area to fire off my spells. I don't know that this arrangement would work too well for a melee, but it worked pretty well for my ice elf and nature dryad. I bet the steam controller makes it a lot more fun for melee. I would love to have the PS3 feel on the PC, since you get access to the expansion, mods, and better graphics.

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  1. Does it only work with Steam games, or can I use it for GOG version of Sacred 2?
  2. How does the movement work? Sacred 2 only has keys for forward/backward, no side-to-side. How do they make that work with a controller?
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