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Grim Dawn is now content complete

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I hate the aggro system in this game, it basically sucks!


Your pets hardly draw anything to them. You can run around in a circle while they attack and everything tends to ignore them

my petbuild is in ultimate

you can solve the problem->

Rotation: Curse of Frailty - Grasping Vines - Pet Attack command - Blood of Dreeg will keep them alive

Pet setting: Familiar -> normal Hellhound, Briathorn, Revenant, Primal -> aggressive

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BTW here is a simple Autohotkey script to make it spam Spirits or whatever skill you need to on a timer. Just adjust that time to perfectly match whatever cooldown you need

Press Scroll Lock key to activate/deactivate

Edit the key it sends to Grim Dawn as necessary.
Can be tweaked to have more than one.


Also works well in Diablo 3 :P
After you edit the #IfwinActive part to D3


#IfWinActive, Grim Dawn

SetTimer Click, 100

Scrolllock::Toggle := !Toggle   ; Scroll Lock key turns on/off

    If (!Toggle)
    Send {left down}  ; sends a Left arrow to Grim Dawn, replace with whatever key you use for your skill
    sleep 100
    Send {left up}
    sleep 2600  ; sets cooldown to 2.6 sec, adjust as necesssary
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The Stash mod is a life saver for me....I hoard and then hoard some more....I have 6-7 copies of many unique or legendary items....many I'll probably never use but will eventually dismantle at some point (I must have 200 dynamite sitting doing nothing)


My Cold based build is freaking awesome.....was worried about all the cold resistant enemies in Act 4 but not really any problems so far...have so many procs going off that I might repsec some Devotion points to other areas....have no more offensive skills to bind to another Devotion skill and want a few more constellations that have them. Just pushed through Elite last night...might take a break and try out my reflect/retaliation build over the weekend

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Looks like the aggro system is getting fixed!


According to Nine from his stream:

Right now mobs have an internal ability that is basically "add x aggro to the player." The problem is that the cooldown on this ability is super low.

So a mob sees you, starts "spamming" this "ability" on you, and you quickly get cemented at the top of its aggro list with an ever-growing lead as it continues to use the ability.

This is also why pet taunts are currently worthless. They have lengthy cooldowns and there is no way they can ever compete with the aggro generated by this ability enemies have.

In B31 they have adjusted the cooldown so mobs can no longer simply spam it constantly.

I'm guessing there are some more intricacies, as this doesn't explain why some mobs target you immediately and others will initially target the pet.

From his stream, occasionally he got aggro, (which pets were able to steal back.) Largely, gameplay consisted of casting stuff to proc devotions while following behind his army of ravenous minions as they wrecked Ultimate.

It was basically how you would expect a "pet class" to work.

The stream



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Says it's out some time today :D


Hope it's early enough for me to play a bit tonight....will be a looooong day at work tomorrow if I can't.....hmm maybe I'll call in sick...haven't done that in years (literally...think last time I called in was 2008)

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great patch

took me a while to find my way to twin falls again :)

full release on friday-> next weekend will be a good time to start hc again (fresh- will delete all hc toons)

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Holy hell this combo is a lot of fun! - new Mortar proc'ing Elemental Storm, Thermite mines fullly upgraded plus Black Water cocktails proccing Meteor Shower on the Demo side, plus Vindictive flame also maxed, plus some Blast shield

And Flash freeze maxed on the Arcanist side for crowd control and fire debuff. And Elemental Exchange to convert some of the physical damage and energy regen


It's like an artillery barrage build :)


I have some free points so I might add in Trozan Sky shard... mainly for the extra freeze

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I've got a few video glitches (mostly just the new character intro) but my god do the areas and skills and procs look awesome


I hate comparing games but D3 got the animation right and that was the first game I thought of after playing B31. Game simply looks great.


Yeah they changed up Act 2 pathways quite a bit. There is no overland route any more between Old Arkovia and Broken Hills. Have to go through Cronley's Hideout now....The exit has been moved

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BTW there are 2 Target Dummies in Devil Crossing, and elsewhere

You can use the Pet Target command on them for Pets and Mortar etc to check damage :)



Also hold down Pet Attack key to make the Mortar Spam - might be a glitch though!

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Just fired up this game again for the first time since 27, taking a Battlemage through this time around. Only made it to Burial Hill so far, but...

Holy cow, did this game get improved and fleshed out! I'm blown away. I'm not a Diablo 3-hater by any means, but I feel like this is the game I expected Diablo 3 to be.

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Just fired up this game again for the first time since 27, taking a Battlemage through this time around. Only made it to Burial Hill so far, but...

Holy cow, did this game get improved and fleshed out! I'm blown away. I'm not a Diablo 3-hater by any means, but I feel like this is the game I expected Diablo 3 to be.

Yeah it's almost like a new game :)

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we will see on Thursday how it effects in HC. We are heading up to Homestead atm. probably we will use some twinks to try out the new build, whre it doesn't matter if they die...

I started the game yesterday evening...but it took quite some minutes to collect all the achievements... ;)

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...but it took quite some minutes to collect all the achievements... ;)

Oh man...yeah the first few minutes were achievement after achievement lol...


Looks like my cold build took quite a hit.....real squishy now in Elite...might have to restart (though I think I want to anyways...got a hopefully better version of it......I think)

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We started a new char to be sure not to be surprised by anything new in the game, but nothing critically happened.

still enyoiing the game and the new/old HC-Feeling

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So addicted to this game right now. My Battlemage has made it to Act 3 Normal, level 38. Died twice so far, once to the Steps of Torment boss (too many minions ganged up on me) and once in the Conflagration (thought I could run through it without chugging a Spiritbane potion).


Otherwise my build feels pretty solid and I'm just following my gut and common sense on building him. Only need healing potions for bosses and never ever used a mana potion despite spamming skills constantly.


I'm working on fire, physical, and aether damage, so right now I'm aiming to get the Empyrion constellation (drool).

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btw...Gamestar voted the game with 86%, which is imho fair. they compared it with TQ and with Sacred and of course with Diablo 2. at the end...if you love this three games, you "must" buy GD! ;)

the critics uopn the MP is okay. we also got laggs and game crashes in MP, especially since release, but haven't loose a char by that so far (which is important in HC). but with the last updates and the changes of the map, it was a big step to higher the athmosphere of the game.

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Rocking my Flash Freeze, Mortar and Thermite mines build into act 4 now.

Also Black water cocktail and Fire Blast for proc'ing


Near 7k HP, and good resists at level 45. I look for HP on gear.

Feels pretty tanky and kills fast. I have +1 to Mortar on a gear, so I can now have 2 mortars out since I'm over the max level.

Skills stay up for a while, so less need to spam. And I can run around, while my mortars hammer the enemey.

Plus it seems the AI likes to avoid the Thermite mines, so they spend a bit of time moving around instead of dealing DPS

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my new vitality caster is in act 4 ultimate now-> 0 death -> we'll see what log will do ;)

looks like I've found my first build for a fresh hc start

great found today (for my level 81 summoner):


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I have one of those as well for my Summoner, for when he reaches lv 40


I found one these today https://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/8487-Infernal-Brimstone

Will go nicely for my current Mortar Thermite mine build Sorcerer :)

Although it's a 2 hander...


Mortar procs Meteor, Mines proc Fissure, and the item adds another Rain of Fire skill, proc'ing off a crit!

It's an artillery barrage





Edit - also from testing if you have 2 of the component skills, they have their own cooldown, so you if duel wieild, you can have 2 Dreeg's Infinite Eye, and alternate cast for chain casting!


Gives me an idea to make a build where I stand in A Sigil of Consumption proc'ing Guardian's Gaze, and cast DIG :)

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Had to figure out what you had there Chrona..so did a quick Google...luckily Og'Napesh is a very uncommon word :D


Black Grimoire of Og'Napesh


Nice find :)

oh, sry.. playing with the german communitypatch...

it's the blueprint for the empowered version :)



mission complete ->




time to reroll this build in hardcore=> coffee ->fresh start - selffound - solo :viking:

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