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Grim Dawn is now content complete

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I think it's because they did such a good job with having the building of your character go on and on through each difficulty.

that's the reason why we don't care of leveling up a new char after HC-death at the moment. hoping that it is getting back to 35 this week, so we can go on at Homestead.

Beating Kilrian last week was an adventure...everybody got in two situations were death was near, but finally we got him down.

at the moment we are also doing a lot of "sight-seeing"! ;-) the changes of the map are awesome. now the map reminds a little bit to Sacred 2 with all the small "easter-eggs" everywhere and the new details.

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Congratz on making it through the game Flix...Have to agree about progress....I usuallly don't run out of things to increase (levels or Devotion) until midway thru Ultimate too. But I do like that it does end midway so I can see what my maxed out build can do for several levels. Nice to see what the end product can do.


Curious to what your build is and how gear dependent it is. Also was it HC or SC and any deaths if on SC? I find I lose interest in a build/character if I die a few times. I can ignore the deaths caused by my stupidity or impatience. Like taking on Gutworm at level 10. But if I'm getting my arse handed to me by 'white' mobs, it's time to re-think build.


I've only got 2 builds through Ultimate...my Warder made it through with 0 deaths...but usually I get distracted during a build and I am constantly trying new ones.


Hopefully the 'Survivor' dungeon will come out soon....when that happens I hope we can get a few of us together and give it a go...kind of like a twist on the old 'Kamikaze Sundays' (man I miss that)

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Softcore! I died like 40 times fighting the Log in Elite, before I realized I could just hang back and fight his tentacles and summons and still wear him down. Before that I had only died twice (fighting first Steps of Torment boss and then Log in Normal) and only two or three times after (Herald of Destruction and Log again in Ultimate).


I was mainly a weapon/shield Soldier, with Arcanist skills as backup. So Cadence on LMB and Force Wave on RMB. Maiven's Sphere, Iskandra's Elemental Exchange, Menhir's Bulwark and various buffs from component in weapon (Aether Aura). The two passive Soldier weapon procs, and various passive skills to keep me alive mostly.


I also used the temp buffs Overguard and that pierce buff you get from a shield component (forget). Finally to keep foes disabled I made light use of Flash Freeze and Callidor's Tempest (for knockdown).


I forget all the Devotions but I had a fair number of Celestial Powers active that saved my butt more than a few times. I was mostly Order and Primordial, so all the ones in the upper left section.

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pay attention:

yesterday we were "idling" at Devils Crossing, sorting the loot, when something happens, that causes massive damage to two of us.

seems like a DoT and the health bar went down in steps (around 20% of total health per step). one of us could save his char by using a health potion. I was deep in the menu of the smith and reckognized the situation at the moment you hear the heartbeat and the screen wents red. for me it was too late to react and my char died (shaman, level 30).

We cannot explain what happened there! :nono:

PvP was disabled and the session was full (max 4) and protected by password, so an infiltration by an "enemy" seemed to be impossible.


so be careful, you are not save in towns! this is extremely frustrating in HC, loosing a char in that way. we think it is a bug, but have got no idea what has happen.


has got anybody a similar experience?

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Almost every day someone complains on the forums about friendly fire from their auras. Team mates sometimes die from damage caused by your auras. This is one reason why I would not want to play multiplayer.

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The #1 reason I don't play MP right now....Dev's are aware of it but I guess it's a hard bug to squash. I guess for some reason that cannot reliably repro this.

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afterwards we also think of the auras. turning them off/on at save places sometimes causes negative effects on the mates. this in combination that auras sometimes were not shown as active in UI...

repro should be difficult, because you cannot force this bug. for us it was the first time.

MP is a lot of fun! :) and like my MP-mate mentioned: " it is not the question THAT you die in HC, only WHEN!" :D

what we get some more often are crashes while porting (personal rift). bad luck if it is the host...

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Yup for some reason I've heard this bug happens only in towns or most of the time in towns....usually hear about the Piercing Aura from Serrated Spike component. Though I believe others can cause same issue. I guess one solution is to debuff everything when going to town. I don't play MP yet...will soon after another patch or two...so not sure if that is a viable work-around.


I will say that the Dev's are pretty responsive to bug reports (and really all posts) so I have a good feeling they'll eventually squash this bug. The Dev's have even offered a 'reward' for a way to reliably repro this bug.


So far the bi-weekly updates have been mostly about the Modding tools and a little about more content. Hopefully they'll say something about bugs/balancing/optimization this Monday when next update comes out.


Just wondering...anyone else purchase the tier where you get the items? Like the Will o Wisp, Burrwitch Brew or George Washington Wig?. The Wisp is pretty helpful in dungeons/caves and for some reason I really love wearing the wig...no idea why yet :P

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I bought GD during early access in a Steam sale for €7,49 ;) would wondering, if I get anything additional for that price! :D

my three MP-mates bought the normal version.

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It had to be from either the Kickstarter funding or directly from Crate I believe....Normal tier just gets the game...Epic tier got the game and a couple digital items...Legendary got all the digital items and the 1st expansion (when it comes out)

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I bought Grim Dawn back it was just on their little website. I don't even know if those rewards existed then.


Ok just check the email they sent me. Apparently what I bought was [Grim Dawn - Epic]:

Download the full game upon release, direct from us, DRM free or also via Steam and other distribution sites.
Access to the beta
Digital download of Grim Dawn original music
Start the game in style with an exclusive swashbuckler's coat! (in-game item)
Enchanted Burrwitch Brew that never runs dry (in-game item). Far from granting an unfair advantage, this vile brew is certain to dull your combat abilities and may induce vomiting.


What does the Brew even do?

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Gets you drunk of course :)


Burrwitch Brew - Not for the faint of heart. Side effects may incklude nausea, vomiting, forgetting where you were last night


30 Second Skill Recharge

450 Second Duration

-10% Offensive Ability

-10% Defensive Ability


You get a greenish miasma around you and grunt/groan a little bit :D (When you grunt/groan it will interrupt any action you are doing - including running)

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Doesn't really sound worth trying to activate it then. I bought a new copy on GOG anyway so I could be rid of Steam. I really just pre-ordered so that the game would get made.

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yeah there really isn't a reason to use it at all other than to say you did...sure the Dev's knew that when they made it....guess it's more of a joke item.


Other than the Will "O" Wisp, all other items transmorg exiisting equipment....but I got the higher tier just so I get the expansion when it comes out


Oh for those wondering how to get items once you redeem key...you should see a new NPC right at the entrance to the prison in Devil's Crossing. Guy's named Kory the Keeper (right next to merchant). Just talk to him to get items.

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ah...thx...was wondering about that guy, thought of some additional quest! ;)

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I don't think there was an option to pre-order the expansion when I bought the game. I'll definitely buy it whenever it's available though, Grim Dawn is the best ARPG I've played in a looooong time.


I'm thinking about making a Conjurer next. Both have some Vitality options, and I feel like I have a zillion pieces of Vitality caster gear in my shared stash.

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'm thinking about making a Conjurer next. Both have some Vitality options, and I feel like I have a zillion pieces of Vitality caster gear in my shared stash.

I really enjoy my vitality conjurer, you're immortal- except undead nemesis (forgot the freeze duration potion...lol)

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new patch - undocumented bugfix:

the numbers of "gold" is now lower in MP than before. within an usual run we got around 35-50k per person. yesterday it was "only" 20k.


crashes in MP are still there, we got two while porting yesterday evening, both of the host. it was a little bit interesting! the host got the crash message, but we were still able to sell items for several minutes and our game crashes while exiting after that. after restart everything was as it should have be.

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our crashes in MP seems to not be caused by the game. one of us usually host the game and we have got crashes. the last two sessions, I hosted the game and have got no crashes. but his game (of our original host) stilll crashes, so we think that his game version or PC has got a problem. he starts to investigate this weekend.


lost my char (lvl38) at Zarthuzellan in a mob of skeletons. was sorrounded and not able to get away. :( have to level up the next on this weekend!

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Hmmm I hope this is what I think it is.....Survival Mode...



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what do you mean with "survival mode"? and what should be the difference to hard core?

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