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Eye candy - modding Sacred 2 ladies

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She looks awesome. I know someone who will be happy...

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I have the model of 'worldweaver Neith' ready for Sacred 2:


attachicon.gifworldweaver Neith DX.jpg



But the default Neith I've just downloaded (http://lezisell.deviantart.com/art/Smite-Neith-pack-XPS-ONLY-468010862 right image).

It also has another version: http://lezisell.deviantart.com/art/Smite-Instakill-Neith-XPS-ONLY-560792101


I'll let you know when the default Neith is ready.

Your models always drop me Pesmontis

Great work!




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So sorry for the late response! Just popped by and happened to see this, and whoa, am I surprised!

Wow... Neith is... amazing! I can't thank you enough! I got her in and working with ease! You just turned Sacred 2 from an idle favorite to a classic for me! Many thanks!

I'm curious - how did you remove the Seraphim's wings? I've tooled around and haven't found a way to do it without borking my model, and I've combed the forums with no success.

Still, this is truly a beautiful mod! My weekend just got a whole lot better! And again, apologies for the late view! ;)

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The Seraphim doesn't have wings on her model, those are "fallback" equipment, in other words equipment that's assigned in creatureinfo.txt to be equipped without taking up an equipment slot. Such equipment will always appear whenever no other items are equipped in that slot.


All you have to do is delete the fallback wings from her creatureinfo entry.


Seraphim is "type = 1," (first entry in creatureinfo.txt)


Look at the "eq_fallback =" line and delete "4357," which is the wings itemtype

Lol - oops! It's all Greek to me! ;)

But thank you for pointing me in the right place. I did this last night as per the guide for the fallback equipment, but I deleted all the values in the bracket, not just 4357, which made her entire torso disappear. And because I picked up a set of wings at some point, her torso disappeared, but the wings did not, so I figured what I was doing was wrong.

But, I got 'em off me now, thank you very much!

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On 8/13/2021 at 11:50 PM, johnconstantine said:

Is it possible for someone to reupload these mods? id really like to try some of them out

Would also appreciate if this was possible!

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