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How to modify character appearance in Sacred Gold?

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Do you wish to change the skin or the model design? If one were to change the model itself the armor would likely not fit. However, changing the skin file(s) would allow for such as the removal of body art or eye color, for example, and would entail using an image manipulator such as Photoshop. The skin file(s) is best converted into a targa file to be amended in Photoshop and then reconverted back to the file type used in the game and after it is ready using x2y. You will have to look online for the program. Never save your files as a jpeg as, when this is done repeatedly, the file integrity diminishes and the resulting file may contain compression artifacts and other types of lossy data. Eventually a file treated in such a manner would be wholly unusable.

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Download the sacred model extractor and the tga files are all there. I use it to make graphics mods and you can check out some at my youtube channel :)



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