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Sacred 2 Downloads - Shield of the Cid

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File Name: Shield of the Cid

File Submitter: Flix

File Submitted: 23 Feb 2016

File Category: Community Patch Uniques


Name: Shield of the Cid

Type: Shield

Class: Unique

Requires: Community Patch 1.50


El Cid (literally, "The Master") was a folk hero in pre-medieval Spain who was said to have a shield with a glorious shining dragon on it.


Socket Types:

Gold : 1

Silver : 0

Bronze : 0


Item Modifiers:

Damage over time: Fire -X%

Damage over time: Ice -X%

Damage over time: Poison -X%

Damage over time: Magic -X%

Damage over time: Physical -X%

Defensive Skills +X

Block chance: Projectiles +X%

Requires the Shield Lore skill to unlock this modifier

Block chance:Combat Arts +X%


This shield has a very rare property which adds physical damage to the player's weapon in addition to providing armor.


Item Levels:

Silver: 20, 30, 50,

Gold: 70, 90,

Platinum: 110, 130,

Niobium: 150, 170, 190, 210


Wiki Page: http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Shield_of_the_Cid



Be sure to back up your existing chest.sacred2chest file before doing anything! Installing this file will overwrite your Shared tab in your player chest.


For XP, it's located in:

C:\Documents and Settings\<userID>\My Documents\Saved Games\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2


For Vista and Windows 7:

C:\Users\<userID>\Saved Games\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2


Extract the Chest.sacred2chest file from this Zip file and place it in your Saved Games folder.


Click here to download this file

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El Cid (literally, "The Master") was a folk hero in pre-medieval Spain who was said to have a shield with a glorious shining dragon on it.




This is a recolor of the familiar dragon shield made by Pesmontis and me. It's one a few unique shields to have a damage bonus on it in addition to armor.



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Shield fighters, unite! Cool about it being part of a select grou pof shields with damage. Off hand, know of any others? Cool trivia





Just some of the other new ones. Ostur's Shredder, Firebird's Wing, and Celioth's Ward. Chattius had requested shields with damage so he could better make a "Captain America" build (unarmed punches with shield).

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