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Diablo 2 Fallen Strategies #1: Debuffs part 1

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D2F Strategies #1: Debuffs part 1
This is a guide to the enemy spells that can debuff you. In this case this means abilities that can literally deactivate your permanent buffs.

There are five enemy spells in Diablo 2 Fallen that can remove your permanent buffs. They all have a 50% chance to remove a buff, with the exception of the debuff trap, which has a 100% chance, and Expulse Magic, which depends on your character level vs. the enemy's level. They are only used by elite, superunique, or boss class enemies.

Debuff Trap "boss_auge_traps_killbuffs"
This trap is only used by the Abishai of Dissension. Like all the Abishai's traps, this trap is not static but seeks you out, so be sure to not let it get under your feet. It causes no damage. See its appearance here (it's the white trap).

Ice Chain Lightning "enemy_gen_chainlightning"
This is the infamous chain lightning used by the elite Christmas Island Furies and the White Griffin boss. It is also used by the following enemies in D2F:

  • Heirophants (the elite Zakarum mages)
  • Icehawk Riftwing (superunique fury)
  • The Harpy Queen (boss)
  • The Fury Broodmother (boss)
  • Mephisto (boss)

Hansi also uses it, but of course he is your ally. It causes ice and physical damage. Remember that since it's a chain lightning attack, it can bounce to your friends and minions (85% chance). This also means even if the enemy targets your allies instead of you, it can still bounce to you and deactivate your buffs.

Black Curse "enemy_verderbensfluch"
I made this enemy spell just for the mod. It has a weakening effect (lowers your attributes), reduces your physical armor, and penalizes your attack speed. It can also deactivate your buffs. It causes no damage. It is used by:

  • Elite Jungle Fiends (flying demons)
  • High Priest Hessus (elite high elf priest, Barbarian class quest)
  • Registrar (elite high elf, Necromancer class quest)
  • Witch Doctor Endugu (superunique)
  • Achmel the Cursed (superunique)
  • Ancient Kaa the Soulless (superunique)
  • Father Dagon (boss, Shadow path only)


Lower Resist "enemy_loweresist"
This curse is only used by two enemies: Nihlathak the Necromancer, in the Blood Forest and the demon boss Baal (both coming in v0.4). It increases your sensitivity to poison, magic, fire and ice damage types and can deactivate your buffs. It also causes light poison DOT.

Expulse Magic "enemy_area_bannkreis"
This CA works a little differently than the others, because of its "spell-banishing potential" property that is dependant on the enemy's level vs. your character level. You can read more about the mechanics of the spell in the Wiki's Expulse Magic Guide. Enemies high above your own level will likely remove your buffs with Expulse Magic, while enemies at your level or lower will have a hard time doing so. The enemies that can use Expulse Magic are:

  • Haenir (Thraconian boss)
  • Walther (Yeti Mage boss)
  • The Guardian (Yeti Chieftain boss)
  • Sinister Prince (Mummy boss in the Swamp)

Resisting Being De-Buffed
These are the areas where you need to be on high alert to make sure you don't lose your buffs: Northland, SouthEastern Tyr Lysia, Ciria Delith (Jungle), Northern Dyr Lain, Last half of Cursed Forest


If you find yourself having trouble recasting your buffs in combat, consider fighting on your special mount. Many casting animations in D2F are significantly faster when mounted than when on foot. Having a mount will also provide an extra buffer in case you are fatally wounded, because the mount will die first, saving you and giving you extra time to heal or teleport.

Willpower and Spell Resistance don't help against having your buffs deactivated. The best way to resist having your buffs stripped is to stack as much Chance to Block/Reflect Combat Arts as possible. This modifier appears on tons of gear, like armor, shields and the CM Patch Sigils. Socketing Sorceress runes from the Lightning Spells aspect will also boost your chance to block spells.

Some buffs will also provide you with Chance to Block/Reflect Combat Arts:


  • Thorns (can reflect spells if bronze mod "Witch Hunter" is taken)
  • Holy Shield (can block spells if gold mod "Ward" is taken)


  • Iron Maiden (can reflect spells if bronze mod "Spellshield" is taken)


  • Energy Shield (can reflect spells if bronze and/or gold mod(s) "Spellshield" is taken)


  • Iron Skin (can block spells if bronze mod "Ward" is taken)


  • Cyclone Armor (can block spells by default, can be increased by silver mod "Ward")

Divine Gift: Salvation. Helgrotha's divine gift has a very high chance to reflect enemy spells.

The exception here is enemies that use Expulse Magic, against which Block/Reflect Spells is no good. There are two ways to deal with this. One is to simply move out of the area of effect. The second is to use Philios's divine gift Redemption. It is hundreds of times more powerful than the Expulse Magic used by enemies, so it will always win and banish the enemy's circle. Redemption is also an excellent way to protect against the other de-buffing spells, as it has a very high Block Chance: Combat Arts property for those few spells that aren't banished.

Turning the tables: Removing Enemy Buffs
Four of the characters have combat arts which can strip enemies of their buffs. This can be a tremendous advantage, as enemies are generally much better buffed in D2F. These combat arts all have a 100% chance to debuff enemies (unless they are blocked/reflected/banished).


  • Fist of the Heavens (requires gold mod "Neutralize")
  • Conviction (requires gold mod "Nullify")


  • Lower Resist (requires gold mod "Dispel")
  • Skeletal Mage (can cast blue lightning strike if the gold mod "Master Conjurer" is taken)


  • Grim Ward


  • Mind Blast (requires gold mod "Vitiate")
  • Fire Blast (requires gold mod "Disable")

Divine Gift: Redemption (Light Path characters only). As a gigantic super-powered Expulse Magic circle, Philios's divine gift will deactivate the buffs of any enemy caught within it.

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Enemies stripping you of your buffs was a despised thing in Sacred 2, and I didn't win any fans by making it even more common in early versions D2F, so I've toned it down some, so really only bosses and superuniques are inflicting this curse on you. This guide has been updated so you know who to look out for.


I plan to add more links in these guides to the Wiki in the future, as I get D2F established with its own set of Wiki pages.

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