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Gods of Diablo 2 Fallen: Rathma - The First Necromancer


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  • 5 years later...

The godpower has a great damage potential with life leech alone able to kill a boss at high levels. But there is a big IF...

Only at casting everything in range will be tried to put a vine on. So no damage on summons created after the cast. Or beasts running in the affect area. Could live with this.

But IF the opponent has root resistance he may resist the vine and with the vine all the damage pulses. So be warned if you fight trees and such in Hellfire Arena.

Think it is balanced as it is now, but people should know that a vine can not only be resisted with CA-block/reflect but also with root -block/reflect.


note to myself: if the vine is reflected, will the caster have all these nice x% life leech pulses? ;)

Think I may create a thread about the godpowers if I can force some slaves to test different priest ideas.

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