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Gods of Diablo 2 Fallen: Bul-Kathos - The First Barbarian


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For more detailed info on Bul-Kathos and his Divine Gift Might, check his SacredWiki page.


Lore of the Nephalem

Book 5: Bul-Kathos - The First Barbarian


Bul-Kathos, known as the Immortal King, was one of the first Nephalem, a great and ancient king who united the Barbarian tribes.



Bul-Kathos was born as part of the first generation of Nephalem, in later times referred to as the Ancients. These Nephalem wandered the world and adopted numerous philosophies as they spread across it. Bul-Kathos observed that due to the archangel Inarius's meddling with the Worldstone, subsequent nephalem generations became weaker and weaker, eventually becoming the various races of the world such as humans and elves.


After uniting the Barbarian tribes, Bul-Kathos set the people upon the great "vigil" of protecting Mount Arreat, and the Worldstone within. While it's unknown if even the Barbarians knew that the Worldstone was inside, or what sort of power it had, Bul-Kathos became the most revered barbarian through time, and the barbarian people began to call themselves the Children of Bul-Kathos in his honor.



As the centuries passed, the Nephalem set to stand guard over the mountain all passed on, with the exception of Bul-Kathos, who became one with the earth where he slept. Bul-Kathos is treated as a deity by the Barbarians. They believed his spirit resided within Mount Arreat as part of a last line of defense for any of those who would threaten the Worldstone.


Although there are many gifts from the Great and Ancient King Bul-Kathos, the greatest of these is the secret of steel. Raw iron is hardened and made resilient, forged into weapons of honor and power. Most mortal swords are patterned after the blade first wielded by Bul-Kathos himself. Balancing offense with defense, it is the perfect weapon for the defense of Mount Arreat in the coming apocalypse. All Barbarian warriors learn the secrets of steel at an early age, yet few truly master the deadly elegance of the sword. Those few who do often disdain all other weapons.



Bul-Kathos valued martial discipline. He demonstrated a dry sense of humor, and had a particular dislike for the nephalem Esu and those like her. He was (and is) renowned for his immense strength, size, bravery, and fortitude. Bul-Kathos was physically imposing, though when Uldyssian observed him his physical appearance and size shifted. One moment his skin was brown like the soil, and his hair the color of green grass. The next he wore a kilt and sandals with a golden band around his head.


Bul-Kathos and the Hydra

Centuries ago, Bul-Kathos defeated the first Hydra. The great serpent was said to spawn two heads for every one that was severed. In order to defeat it, Bul-Kathos supposedly pitched the beast into a roaring bonfire, wresting the fang loose in the process. The fang was later fashioned into a wand.



Divine Gift: Might


Caught up in the fervor of battle, the hero can call upon the power and strength of Bul-Kathos to add astonishing force to attacks. What would be glancing blows now soundly strike their mark, and otherwise deflected strikes rend through armor to bite flesh.


  • Duration: 15s
  • Cooldown: 400s (~6.6 minutes)
  • Total Damage: +40% + 10% per level
  • Weapon Damage: +100% + 2% per level
  • Chance Opponents Cannot Evade Attacks: 100%
  • Attack Speed: +30%
  • Attack Speed Cap Raised by 20%
  • Leech Life from Opponents: 1%


Might is far more powerful than its Diablo 2 counterpart. It is now the ultimate melee buff that will turn any weapon-user into a killing machine for 15 seconds.





Clicking on Bul-Kathos' statue will partially recharge his divine gift, Might.


This statue was built by Pesmontis.

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Beautiful new page yo'uve created, lots of goodies to feast upon 

I've never seen anyone use this gift in action against a Guardian.  Is this gift enough to have a SW take out one or two guardians at least?




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Minor change to Might in v12: The initial weapon damage bonus is reduced from 100% to 50%.  This is still more than powerful enough.

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