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Diablo 2 Fallen Classes: The Barbarian


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Barbarian changes in D2F v15

Frenzy: "Double Attack" mod now scales with level. Most double hit modifications are (slowly) scaling now in D2F.

Whirlwind: Has improved animations on foot and while mounted on the Hellhound. These come courtesy of Dmitriy and add a much welcome level of polish over the old spinning animation which was taken from the Dryad.



Leap Attack: Grunting vocal removed because this SFX is also hardcoded for other player and enemy spells.  I wanted to keep the yell since it's practically iconic but the SFX was showing in too many other combat arts. Basically anything that jumps or anything using the Destroyer spellclass was making that yell.

Stun: FX changed from green to yellow to indicate physical damage.  I generally like to keep spell colors matching the damage and/or the aspect theme. In this case, the yellow stun nova fulfills both.


Howl: Has new FX similar to earlier versions of the mod.  I much preferred the original nova with sharp defined borders and now I've been able to add it back without conflicting with Frost Nova.


Rare 2-handed Hafted Weapons will no longer spawn with bonuses for other classes. I had assigned 1h hafted bonuses in previous releases. Instead they are now guaranteed to have an extra silver socket on Silver difficulty or higher.

Metal shader on Dendaren's Tactical Genius and random variants toned down.  Too shiny before.


Adanis (Barbarian classquest final opponent) is now a boss-level undead named Hadriel and received a complete overhaul. 


In v15, every class quest ends in a boss battle now. The previous opponent was a generic skeleton who transformed into a generic lich.  Now he is a lich that transforms into a corrupted angel. 


He is very deadly with a "Bloodfire" aura that cause magic/fire damage and leeches life.

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