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Diablo 2 Fallen Creatures Thread


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Creature Update #21: Regional Updates - Tyr Lysia and the Elves


Development for Beta 7 is winding up. I only have a few more tasks and then it will be ready for final testing. ETA before Halloween.

Before Halloween? Nice!


EDIT: Speaking of creatures, are the Demon Monkeys in the Dryad region supposed to be that dangerous? They make the Will-o-wisp (originally Fen Fire) tame in comparison. Their damage amount in the character/attribute page doubles, sometimes triples, that of other enemies (including bosses) at similar levels.

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What are you thoughts on his cousins, the Flame Sprite in the desert and the Frost Imp in the Crystal Plane?


No comment on the Frost Imp since haven't reach that point yet.

As for the Flame Sprite, they're dangerous but doable, probably the most dangerous non-unique/boss enemy in desert region. Their attack where the flame vent/fissure pops up underneath you is annoying since it sort of stun my characters in place, and shakes the screen. So for a few seconds, player character movements is erratic and it feels like you got no control.

Anyways, stocking up on fire resistance helps as well as killing them before they do that attack.

EDIT: I'll be honored to do the testing. Just let me know :)

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Oh crap, I didn't realize it shook the screen. I've had screen shake disabled for so long. I may change it to be like Fiery Ember instead.


You can disable screen shake game-wide by editing options.txt. In Windows 7 at least it's located in:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2


Show Hidden Files to see the AppData folder. You can edit options.txt directly (search for "cameraShake" and set the value to 0) or you can make a new text file called "optionsCustom.txt" in the same folder and add the changes in that file. The former is easier (just back up the original file) but the latter is safer.


My personal optionsCustom.txt file would look like this:

locale.language = "en_UK"
locale.speech = "en_UK"

camera.behaviour = 0
camera.customsettings = 1
camera.cameraShake = 0

camera.cam1_trackdist_max = 2000
camera.cam1_trackdist_min = 140
camera.cam1_rotx_min = 0.05

camera.dng1_trackdist_max  = 2000
camera.dng1_trackdist_min = 140
camera.dng1_rotx_min = -0.05

camera.heromenu_trackdist_max = 2000
camera.heromenu_trackdist_min = 140
camera.heromenu_rotx_min = 0.05

options.camera_mode = 3
options.cameraConfigAutoCurve = 0
options.cameraConfigCollision = 0
options.cameraConfigFollow = 0
options.cameraConfigZoomCurveMax = 20
options.cameraConfigZoomCurveMin = 0
options.cameraConfigZoomMax = 20
options.cameraConfigZoomMin = 0

sound.volume_group02 = 0,


This disables battle music, makes the camera adjustable to basically any angle and distance, and disables screen shaking.


EDIT: You must delete your existing options.txt first. This therefore might require you to reset many of your personal settings in the options menu..


I would 100% distribute these changes as part of the mod, but the file's location prevents me from doing so.

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Improved weapon variation for enemy NPC's across the board.

This last one deserves some explanation. Many enemies that used weapons were scripted to draw their weapon randomly from a small pool of possible choices. However, in almost every case, the chance was skewed far too much in favor of one weapon over the others. For example, an Ogre Warrior would have a 90% chance to use a plain sword, a 5% chance to use a spiky sword, and a 5% chance to use a big hammer. Due to the odds being vastly uneven, you almost always ever saw that one plain sword, rarely if ever seeing the others. And so it was with hundreds of enemies throughout the game. What I've done is made the chance to use the various weapons roughly equal, and the result is a much bigger variation in enemy weapon use. Foes don't always look so much like identical clones of one another, even if it is something as simple as one Dark Paladin wielding an axe and the other with a sword. Almost every weapon-using enemy type in the game is affect by this change.


I love this... can't believe how granular you have become on this mod. excellent





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Has anyone visited the Butcher's lair yet? I filled it with corpses to make it reminiscent of the original. :butcher:


cVP8veOt.jpg yOXsP67t.jpg N1qelYYt.jpg k4SdiWEt.jpg


h4aSEkUm.jpg Y0PbHmjm.jpg


I had ideas for even more ghoulish things like severed heads, baskets of eyes, and other body parts but the game wouldn't accept my scripting of static objects.

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