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Diablo 2 Fallen Creatures Thread


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The CM Patch changed female orc merchants from the usual "Greetings" and "Farewell," because there were no voiced files for these lines in the German version. So they changed the scripts so that the merchants used gossip lines instead:

"It's a pity we see so little of each other, but I turn my back on those children for two seconds... and they break something!"


I have an irrational hatred of this line. Since there's no German localization of the mod, I switched the lines back to the original Greetings and Farewell. This would apply to the French version as well.

:lol: A good thing, I can't bear it anymore either.

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does having more varied models showing in an area have any effect on game performance?

No reason why it should. If the new creatures had an extremely high polygon count or very large textures, then maybe. But there's nothing in the mod like that. 10 identical goblins would tax the system about the same as 10 different enemies.

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