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The Related Word Game - 2017!

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Titans -> Attack on Titan



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48 minutes ago, Hooyaah said:

Attack On Titan => anime

lol omgod...that anime was so gruesome... :oooo:... 

anime -> beautiful




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Animation -> Mickey Mouse



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Disney -> Princess

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Device -> useful? 

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2 hours ago, Delta! said:

Device -> useful

useful -> creme brulee


... SO useful




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Crème brûlée -> Custard

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pie -> crust


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mantle -> Speckmantel

Speck is bacon. Pflaumen im Speckmantel would translate as bacon-wrapped plums.

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Speckmantel -> regional 


I suppose it is a regional dish Chattius?


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regional -> worldwide

You can use plums, dates(not in my garden), mirabelles, reneclaudes,... if you use oysters (not in my fish pond) instead plums you have 'Angels on Horseback' ;)

1)Take dried plums.

2)For roasting in a pan you can jump this: If they are too dry for frying: Put them in a cup with white wine for an our or two.

3)Depending on taste: Place a peeled almond in the hole of the plum where the core would have been. I do this only when frying.

4)Wrap a stripe of bacon around each plum and fix it with a toothpick.

5)Fry it, roast in a pan, plate in oven, ... I use normally a hot air frier.


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