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formulae -> LaTex

Free typesetting program, very good for mathematical texts, or music ,or chemical molecules, ...




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balloons -> Katharina Paulus

Grandgrandpa (doing final checks and fly tests on fresh build planes in WW1) met her. She was an aerial acrobat before planes were invented. Jumping from balloons with self invented parachutes. She created the world's first foldable parachutes. When she noticed that WW1 pilots and balloon pilots for artillery spotting had no parachutes she started sewing them. Saved thousands of pilots live and got a medal of merit. Bet if she would have been american she had gotten a movie about her life.


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Fonzie => Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli


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Ascaron -> Patrician II

My playstyle is hated by my family. Instead building ships and do trade I play like a pirate and steal the ships from my family ...



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Patrician II -> ogame

I remember so many on the SIF boards always talking about this game.. was a main headliner during the early years... this before Sacred and then ogame after Sacred 2 where so many of the community flocked



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ogame -> Gameforge 

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German => Teutonic


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Doppelganger -> identical 

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Twins => baseball


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