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The Related Word Game - 2017!

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45 minutes ago, Hooyaah said:

sri lanka rolls => samosas!

samosas -> pepperoni

@Hooyaah they make samosas just down the street... hot...spiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....


this is the thing of crafted beauty we ingested last night... 


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5 hours ago, chattius said:

Extra Cheese -> Flammkuchen

We do it at baking house days sometimes with Quark, raisins, onions, hazelnuts, bacon, Schmand, beargarlic...

Much like this but this pic lacks the bear garlic



Flammkuchen - 💥 fire



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bill 101 -> Euro English

After the Brexit no country in the european community has english as its official language anymore, but many have some rudimentary knowledge from school. I dislike this variant of english because when doing contracts it is often not precise enough. Our company is doing all contracts in german after the Brexit. Saves a lot of money for scientific translators and international lawyers. Works nice because we have more requests than we can handle.

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2 hours ago, Hooyaah said:

Euro English => English

"Euro English is to English what the Euro was to the deutsche mark." -Hooyaah :agreed:



English -> breakfast

always charming!




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1 hour ago, chattius said:

spinner -> jet-powered motor glider RC model (I am too lazy o build a single german word for it)

A spinner is the aerodynamic cover of the propeller nose. We are currently building a jet-powered motorglider model of our own design. Twins learn basics of planes and flying, also 3D printer using, cutting balsa wood, ... Currently they are the only ones in family without a glider license because of some years missing in age. We restored a vintage training glider in covid years so the costs for glider licenses are actually lower than for a driving license. I have requests from a collector for our glider which is 1a condition. Would be nearly enough money for a vintage jet powered glider. Since it would start on its own there would be no lifting costs for starts and we have a field which could be used for starts and landings.

We would be a family of '''jet pilots'''

The spinner with a foldable propeller


glider with a retractable jet engine for starts and no thermic



Jetsons family! :D

 jet-powered motor glider RC model (I am too lazy o build a single german word for it) -> jetsons


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Flintstones -> stone age





ps @chattius i remember those days of so few streams... black and white, local and the occasional snowy image from vermont... tv was almost boring, and outside was where it was at




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