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7 minutes ago, gogoblender said:

catkin -> catfish

my cuz LOVES buying this in big chunks somewhere in montreal and loves cooking it.. I find it looks too ...fishy



I am with you, one catfish is more than enough for a year



Catfish -> records

I think it is close to three metres now. Luckily the only catfish around me is 'Däumelinchen=Thumbelina'. A small catfish which cleans the glas from our aquarium from the inside. Our aquarium is with local flora and fauna.

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Lp -> Vinyl



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vinyl -> Cafe

I was born in Wetzlar and my brother still lives in my mother's house there. We often meet at the Cafe Vinyl. Nice pub with racks full of LP's covering the walls. Every two weeks there are small life concerts.

It is located at the Schillerplatz with the Jerusalemhaus. A suicide happening there made Goethe who lived in Wetzlar at this time to write The_Sorrows_of_Young_Werther.

Grewing up surrounded by wooden patchwork probably made me buy one and living in it. But it is grandpa's from father side one, a lonely 300 year old former forest ranger house mid in a forest clearing.


The Jerusalemhaus is the red double house in the mid. It is place of a Goethe Museum now.


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