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The Related Word Game - 2017!

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empire -> monarchy


re imperial vs metric... imperial was what I grew up with, and in states its still very imperial there... here in Quebec, all metric... I still intuitively think in terms of imperial however mostly regarding feet and inches ...I think this is actually primarily from a foot being a "foot" ?

re poetry, Hooyaah, last few years or so I've come to have an appreciation for poetry...its not something ill go hunt for, and im not a writer of it, but I do like how little can say so much

I remember me and my friend having an argument about literary styles when we were younger and he said that "poetry is the most powerful way of conveying massive amounts of information at once because it utilizes symbolism instead of words?"





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propulsion -> jpl labs






p.s. I was trying to find our smiley for flight...hmmm, forgot about that green fairy... now where'd that bottle go...

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compensation -> chamber

A compensation chamber is used to regulate the air pressure when scuba diving. Anyone else playing underwater rugby ? ;)

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grotesque -> arabesque


both of the above words are two kinds of carpets

dunno where I learned that from:)




You had me floored with that last post, yep you really laid it on me and I'm feeling a bit fuzzy now.




arabesque => ballet

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ballet -> capoeira angola

The ballet school my oldest visited did ballet, classic dances and capoeira. The capoeira training used a lot of elements already learned in the latin dancing lessons.

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