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anyone heard of this one yet?

I stumbled across it some time ago - I read about it in a german article about "upcoming diablo-like alternatives", I believe..

Hadn't decided to buy it yet though, because of the mixed reviews and the fact that it's still in Early Access - (Alpha) stage I think.

However, it is on steam sale right now - for a whole week - til 21 August..:


So, I just went ahead and bought a key for the most basic version/package they're offering, which means around 9 or 10 Dollars/EUR (from around 20, 50% off..)


It is said to be some kind of Diablo/WoW/Runes of Magic mix, the latter in fact being one of developer runewaker's earlier game..

graphics/combat style definitely looks to be more diablo like,

while it's content/mmo-orientation is more like wow/runes of magic I guess..

maybe that's why one of the reviews listed on their official site calls it "the secret child of diablo and runes of magic" ..


beware - this game has some sort of "double dipping" financing plan..:

it is not Free2Play, although it's pretty "cheap" right now (see above)

it has a cash shop too, and although they claim Guardians of Ember won't be Pay2Win and won't offer stuff you can't obtain otherwise in game as well,

I've read it already contains stuff that makes you level or travel faster... (if I understood the whole thing about the cash shop)

so I'm not sure how this is going to turn out in the end, I hope it won't be an awful endless grinder then unless you're willing to spend additional money in that said shop.


alright, I think I've finished downloading it now, let's see...

cya :)

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