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Diablo 2 Fallen Classes: The Sorceress


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Hello Flix!

The new inferno looks and feels great! But one thing, it has a range way way longer than what the spell fx looks like.

PD: dim vision works and looks amazing!

Thanks. The range of Inferno is identical to that of Furious Emblazer. The animation gives the appearance that the flame is shorter than it is because of the way she waves her arm. Also Combat Art Range +X% will extend it even further but the visuals won't change. It's just a shortcoming of the fx. If I could extend the flame fx, I would. But I'm not reducing the range.

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Fantastic mod, I'm very impressed.

I've a slight quibble with the meteor spell, it looks very nice but .........

Because it come in at a shallow angle, it's almost useless to use it in dungeons as it tends to hit the tops of walls and not the mobs.

I see the same effect in some canyons and on some slopes as it hits the ground before it hits the mods.

Yes it's possible to run around to get it to work most of the time.

But depending on the shape of the ground and how far you can move, some mobs are unkillable with this spell.

Is there any way to easily mod the spell so the meteor drops vertically, I think it will make the spell more useful.

Thanks ......... :)

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Thanks for trying the mod!

I don't have that fine level of control over the meteor's trajectory, sorry. I wish I did. It's the same complaint people had about the Dragon Mage's spell, Dragon Strike. And I'll let you in on a little secret: Meteor is just Dragon Strike with the Dragon made invisible so it looks like the fireball is just falling from the sky.

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  • Flix changed the title to Diablo 2 Fallen Classes: The Sorceress
On 10/22/2017 at 7:13 AM, deogo said:

The one promising brief invis/invulnerability (wiki says 4 sec) doesn't seems work at all :(

Vanish, Wisp, and Explosion modifications of Teleport are all non-functioning as of right now. :( Crazy that no one noticed or reported it before now.  This will fixed in the upcoming v.10 of D2F.  All 3 modifications will work as intended.  And as an added bonus, because of changes in CM Patch 1.60, they will all have visual FX confirming that they work.  The Explosion mod causes a loud damage explosion, the Vanish mod causes the Sorceress to become briefly insubstantial (like with Cascading Shroud) and the Wisp mod has rotating shields around the Sorceress indicating Damage Mitigation.

Another change upcoming in the next release:

Energy Shield: Percent of Damage Diverted to Shield scales more slowly.  It was reaching 100% too quickly.

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More about the Sorceress class quest:

The quest is much the same at its core.  Overall it has been fleshed out and given more detail and vibrancy, with more references to the Sorceress's identity as a member of a highly regarded exclusive mage clan rather than as a High Elf.  The main change comes at the beginning.  Originally the High Elf owed a debt for tuition at a mage college, which gets her embroiled with the DeElfici family.  This doesn't jive with the lore about the Zann Esu mage clan actually paying the families in return for the young Sorceress joining their ranks.  So, I've changed up the initial catalyst for the Sorceress needing money, and explained the absence of her parents at the same time.  Also since I couldn't replace the male tutor and students with females in the opening cutscene, I explained that scene as being a test where the Sorceress must defeat mages from a rival school.

From there it proceeds along the similar lines, with the Sorceress either fending off treachery and assassinations by the DeElfici family (Light Path), or the much more interesting Shadow Path where she infiltrates and undermines the DeElficis.  Overall I had some fun giving the Light and Shadow versions of the Sorceress more distinct personalities.


This part of your information, the background and "story" resonates with me most.  It is quality prose and paints with precision the distinct positioning of these mages.  It is important how granular this has to be to and its execution is spot on giving motive and reasoning to the "whys" of their in-game motives. 




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Found another last minute bug with the Sorceress.  At some point the VFX for Ice Bolt got reverted back to vanilla.  I changed the impact FX of both Power Strike and Ice Bolt as detailed in this post because they used to be identical.  This was waaaaaayyyy back in v5.  At some point, probably when updating the mod for CM 1.60 I lost this change.

Never fear, Ice Bolt impact will again be icy instead of sparky in v12.  Before/after:


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Sorceress Changes in v13

As with the other characters, most changes are centered around balancing combat arts and modifications.  However Frost Nova did get a complete redesign.

  • Fire Bolt: Increased regeneration time. Chance for area damage from "Explosion" scales more slowly.
  • Inferno: Corrected the effective range so that it matches the VFX. All modifications now scale more slowly.
  • Meteor: Range scaling reduced on base spell, but range from "Scatter" now scales. Chance to stun from "Petrify" scales more slowly.
  • Enchant: "Wither" now reduces opponent's total armor resistances, rather than increasing fire sensitivity.
  • Frost Bolt: Increased regeneration time.
  • Glacial Spike: Increased regeneration time. Decreased total damage by 30%. Chance to freeze from "Bite" significantly reduced.
  • Blizzard: Critical chance from "Nimbus" increased and scales more quickly.
  • Frost Nova: Spell and all modifications are completely reworked to be true to the original D2 spell (see forum or Wiki).
  • Shiver Armor: Damage radius slightly increased.
  • Lightning: Chance for weaken scales more slowly.
  • Nova: Increased regeneration time. No longer debuffs opponent movement speed. Base range slightly reduced but range from "Expansion" now scales with level. Damage/DOT from "Blast" and "Afterglow" are increased. Chance to Stun from "Paralyze" increased to 30%.
  • Telekinesis: Increased regeneration time. Chance to stun from "Stupefy" scales more slowly.
  • Energy Shield: Shield Absorption now scales more slowly. Improved the Energy Shield Mitigation values (including "Intercept").


Frost Nova is now a true nova spell like it was in original Diablo 2, instead of being like Icy Evanescence.  Official description:

An expanding ring of ice and frost radiates outward from the Sorceress. Swarming melee attackers will find themselves the surprised victims of a vicious, chilly assault.
Cold Damage Over Time: 5.0/s + 2.0/s per level
Chance for Freeze: 30% + 0.3% per level

These are the new modifications:

Hypothermia - Increases opponents' sensitivity to cold damage by 15% + 0.1% per level.
Freeze - Decreases opponents' movement speed by 20% + 0.5% per level.
Glacial - Increases the base cold damage inflicted by 50%
Ice Field - Increases the radius of Frost Nova by 50%.
Deep Frost - Increases the cold damage over time by 50%
Conservation - Decreases the regeneration time of Frost Nova by 50% + 1% per level.

WrhVCAGm.jpg   3ojFHKlm.jpg

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1 hour ago, Tharkun said:

Hey Flix, congratulations on the new release! I'm getting hooked on playing sacred again.

That new ice nova fx looks awesome but for some reason it leaves black untextured patches.


Is this a glitch or could it be a graphics card problem? I have fully updated to cm patch 1.60, uninstalled and deleted the old version of d2fallen before installing the new one and started a new character.

Thanks as always!

Wow I've never seen anything like that.  :twitch:

Does the spell look normal when it casts?  And then the textures of nearby objects become black?

Do you have PhysX turned on?  What about the texture quality level in the options menu?

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Yes, it does look normal, but once the wave disappears it leaves nearby objects completely black.

PhysX off, texture quality default, graphics setting custom (low).

Do I need elite textures?

Edited by Tharkun
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