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Crash at Inquisitor Ortlewyn


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Clean install of S2G via Steam, with the CM 1.60 + hotfix + Addendum + hotfix and Elite Textures Trimmed.

This is the second part of the Protecting Noriath's Corner questline, Light side. Brand new Seraphim character, not a holdover from previous patches. First encountered at level 18, now 23 and still crashing.

I can get to Inquisitor Ortlewyn and talk to him fine. After I close the dialogue box he'll immediately activate and attack, and during the attack animation the game crashes. I've tried some methods to combat it, like trying to run out of melee range before he can attack, or attacking him first, nothing works. Dialogue, attack, crash.

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Well, I screwed up. Thought I was making a copy of my save files when I wasn't, so when I reverted back to vanilla and activated Inquisitor Ortlewyn (which didn't crash), I killed him and then couldn't revert back anymore. Whoops.

So the best I can say is that the crash didn't happen in Vanilla, and I've since re-installed the CM and Addendum and are continuing forward from there.

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