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Woodelve Mod

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works with CM Patch v0160 + S2EE

this mod changes the whole appereance of the dryade to a woodelve

gloves, shoulders and shrinkheads are visually disabled in this mod
blowguns have been changed to bows, visually but you can still see them in their icons

this mod also includes changes of "power unleashed"
so your seraphim armors will probably look different



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Hi Lorenz. I see you attached a picture with your mod (of a high elf?). Are you able to upload any more pictures here to show off your work?

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Cool idea.  So you swapped in the High Elf's model for the Dryad.

You know, we have the actual Wood Elf's model from Sacred 1 imported into Sacred 2.  I could share that with you if you wanted to try really bringing the Wood Elf into the game.

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wow that sounds great o:

I didnt know, something like that allready existed

does it work with all the armors and actions? is it based on the highelve?

or totally new models?


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hey @Flix I would love to have a look at this woodelve model

still I dont know if im able to put her into the game

im not very experienced yet and can just swap things but not create own things like animations, item sets or even new descriptions

also I would like to import the woodelves voice, but I cant open the sacred1 paks

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