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42 spells

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works with CM Patch v0160 + S2EE

I am editing and creating spells form time to time, just to make the game more enjoyable for me

since I am not able to edit "global.res" I cant call this an official mod

but if you are into this, you can check the changes in the spells.txt

and just try out, what I am messing up there :P


I edited auras of different chars, to have their cooldown and reuse time equal, to have a more fluent gameplay

tokens, to increase time or reduce cooldown, where changed to other effects


the dragonmage got his whole dragenmagic aspect changed, to be a melee fighter, without using transformations


the dryade got her jump back, a little edited, to have a more active gameplay


the shadow warrior doesnt push away mobs anymore, when using scything sweep




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