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Immediate Action quest bugged


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I have started the quest "Immediate Action" which requires me to gather 5 water bottles from Undead Skeleton Mages.

I am clicking the quest marker on the map and it dissapears, not showing where other mages are on the map, which leads me to believe they haven't spawned.

Please help.

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Sometimes, the quest doesn't create specific quest creatures - in this case it's just "go find any generic skeleton mage".  When this happens the quest marker can be a little elusive because there just aren't any of such enemy spawned in range.  Enemies also don't spawn all at once, you have to get somewhat near first.  Wander around some, in the battlefield area and some more should spawn.  As soon as some do, the quest marker will appear over them.  You can always reload the game if you already cleared the area.

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