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Rat Tails Bug. Killing rat doesn't leave a tail & only 5 rats


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The Orc tells me to collect 5 rat tails from the cave. I killed the first Giant Rat, but no tail. I killed the other 4 Giant Rats in the cave and collected their tails. Leaving the cave and returning a minute later didn't cause more Giant Rats to appear. No Blue Pointer either so no targets. I've done this before and no problems. I think the chief says to finally kill the shaman to stop the rain.

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Thanks for the inputs. The rat finally popped back. This seems to be a common problem with the game. I destroyed one of the large crossbow cannons out of order in the new F&I red zone and was unable to finish the quest. Same just happened in Swamp land on the Studying the Past quest, A Fair Deal where an Undead failed to drop a medal so can't finish that quest unless it too comes back to life.

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